September 26, 2010

Commitment Vows

A Filipino blog reader from UK, added me on my instant messenger account and started chatting with me months ago, telling me how he loves my writing, that he read it from the beginning up to the latest!

I was overwhelmed when someone does that (its not a first time though, yabang haha) for a blogger like me, it was humbling, imagine, someone, somewhere out there, paused, and literally stopped their lives and sat in front of the computer and read your entries for many hours?!

Isn't that amazing?!

Anyway, as our conversation got deeper, I learned that he is working there as a hospital staff too, and that he and his partner for I think 5 years now are planning to tie the knot!


It was my reaction when he told me that. Wedding? In our country? It was very bold of them to do that, right?

He cleared to me that it's not a wedding, but rather a commitment ceremony in front of their families and friends and about 5o other guest.

A commitment vow...

Oh my God!

When it all sinked in, my reaction was, wow!!!!

My mouth was wide open and imagined it on my mind and I was feeling like screaming: That's so romantic!

I've never seen anything like that in the Philippines. This reader of mine, got me so interested in their lives that we chat for a long time that night. I'm a sucker for everything romantic!LOL.

I asked him too much, like details, about their families, I mean its not easy to have both parents approval for a gay ceremony like that in our country right? especially, in front of many friends and guest.

I salute them. I gave them too many credits for being bold and for just following their hearts no matter what people say.

He just told me, he is proud of what they have and that's why they want all close to them witness it. On that special day.

I was really happy for them. It was a long distance relationship too, and I could really relate to their story, for many years, they stayed faithful and loving towards each other even they are many miles apart and only spend time together every 6 months or year. Its amazing. It got me more inspired that if others could manage to do it, why can't I?

And to top it all up, they are going to tell to the whole world, in front of families, how they love each other, a commitment to be together, and a promise to be there for each other. After a month, when I catched him online, he told me the ceremony was a success!

Hayyy, I wish I could do that too...

Imagine, a commitment vows...hay...kahit wala wedding pwde na din!

But I know, its so impossible right now, when my dad still a little indifferent about my sexuality, and you have to add my uncles and aunts grrrrrrrrrrrrr! and Clayton's too! His older gay brother disowned by his dad when he found out he is gay!

So I say to my baby: Clay, you gotta hide it better than your brother! LOL

Hay! Buhey!


Nimmy said...

awwwww. that's nice. :D

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--pwde nyo din gawin yan a!ok naman kayo sa family ng isat isa diba?

Guyrony said...

Yours will be a success.

Reality sinks to a person in weird and unusual, surreal ways.

As to Clay, his will be difficult but not impossible to be accepted.

Phunk Factor said...

Oh wow...that's amazing!!! I'm interested in knowing how did they manage a would be a treat to know this couple pesonally!!

Mac Callister said...

@guyrony--hey thansk to your kind words.

@phunk--thats what i thought too!

Virex said...

migrate keo both sa ibang countries kung san accepted ang same sex marriage.. yun lang, inde kasama families..

either that, or kausapin niyo yung family niyo.. baka maintindihan keo..

pero yeah, ang ganda ng idea na magkaron ng lifetime commitment with one person.. wweeee

orally said...

why not poknat?
kaya ako nag-iisip na naman kung itutuloy ko ang plan C this time. Plan C as in plan Canada para pwedeng magpakasal sa isang mhentol

soltero said...

Dito di na shocking ang mga commitment vows, they've been doing that for years before gay marriage had been legalized sa ibang states.

Ako, personally, that will be impossible for me.

Sana kayo ni Clay, dumating sa ganyang punto, i know you will be the happiest person pag nangyari yan hehehhe

Cheers! :)

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Mac Callister said...

@virex--pwde,pero malabo pa namin gawin yan,cguro pag mga nka 5 or 7 years na kami mg jowa baka i-consider namin gawin haha

@orally--thats great!ituloy mo yan,ganda niyan

@soltero--why not naman?malay mo in the future gwin mo din!

ibañez said...

ay naku oo nga ang sweet nang ganyan meron din akong kilala . .7yrs na sila . . as in simula pa nung college . .boto pati mga magulang hekhek diba romantic nang bongga

Mac Callister said...

@ibanez--inggit nga ako sa mga ganun na umaabot ng ilang taon sa relasyon,sana maranasan ko din un!natin pala!hehe