September 13, 2010

A Dying Wish???Nooo!!!

It was almost dark when I woke up, I came from a night shift, so I slept the whole day. Its a habit for me to check messages on my cel first before getting up from the bed. Three sms from Clayton. We just ended our cool off which supposed to be for a week! But only lasts 3 days LOL. We are starting over again and he told me he will visit his cardiologist that day.

Its not serious, he told me. But he still want to have it check.

But his messages made me worried:

"Are you awake? Doctor told me, the findings are still unsure..."

"Bebe, I realized my shortcomings with our relationship, for taking you for granted, I don't know, I didn't mean that. Maybe Im not use to the idea of spending much time with someone...I feel ashamed. I'm sorry Mac..."

"Bebe are you awake now? wala lang..."

Hold on, is this really my boyfriend?!!!! LOL

I mean he's not like that! He's always goofy and cheesy most of the time but not serious. In my mind: what happened to the test, maybe he is seriously ill, a bad heart condition! I immediately replied to his texts. But trying to be calm as possible.

Me: "that's good! That's why I asked for a cool off anyway, for you to realize stuffs...So what now?"

Clayton: "Nothing, I just wanna change. For us. Please help me..."

Me: "I already told you what I noticed about you...its up to you now..."

Clayton: "No, I'm asking for your patience. If you can't stand me anymore, or you got tired of me already, just tell me...I'll take the blame. Its on me..."

Now it got me more worried! Its seems I'm talking to a different person! I'm nervous, damn it! Maybe he just don't wanna tell me he is dying! I mean why on earth you would speak as if you have a dying wish like that, and you wanna make up for all the stuffs you think you did was bad????

Me: "wait, wait..what led to this realization Clayton? Tell me!!! grrrrr!

Clayton: " When I was having the doctor's check up...I suddenly realized that life is so short...and I want to make into reality my plans with you for the future."

Me: "what does the doctor told you? You sounds like the findings are serious! Its like your dying!"

Clayton:" No idea Bebe. My mom's the one talking to him. I don't wanna hear what he has to say. Its better that way. What we don't know wont hurt us, ayt?hehe. Like what I've said before and mean it...I love you, Mac. As in uber..."

Me:" I love you too Clayton. Andaya mo naman..kakainis're only making me worried here! Tell me the result, I know you already knew!!!"

Clayton:" No need to worry. I'm good. I don't want you to think of anything else. Just focus on work, your family, friends...and us... Yun lang. Don't stress yourself. Mwah! "

Me:"Maybe there is already a findings and the result, you just don't wanna tell me!! ano bah!!!!!!!!!"

I'm restless that night. I wanna know the truth. I want to squeeze it out from him.

Clayton:" Gago! Wag ka nga ganyan. Takte ka! sasabihin ko naman agad noh. Duh. Pumasok ka na nga sa work! Pinapainit mo ulo ko eh! hahaha. I love you."

(idiot! don't be like that! damn you! I will tell you if its something ok? Go to work, you're annoying me! hahaha. I love you)

I was laughing too hard when he said that! I could imagine his face being so half annoyed! hayyyyy. I said goodnight to him and did a little prayer up above that my boyfriend will be OK.


Phunk Factor said...

Hope he feels better soon!!

Mac Callister said...

@phunk--yeah im still forcing him to tell me if the results came in already hehe.thanks!

KUMAGCOW said...

uwi ka na alagaan mo heheh

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

Yay okay na kayo! haha last time I went here, I got a little worried. It's probably nothing. Sama ako sa wish na he'll be fine. :)

Kane said...

I hope it's nothing serious.

"When I was having the doctor's check up...I suddenly realized that life is so short...and I want to make into reality my plans with you for the future."

Sometimes it is this realization that makes us value what we have more. =)


Mac Callister said...

@kumagcow--kung pwede lang haha,pero he is fine na,napasok na nga s work e...

@citybuoy--yeah,nagkaproblem kami recently pero na resolved na namin yun,lahat nadadaan sa usapan e hehe.and thanks for the concern.

@kane--kinilig nga ako dun sa sinabi niyang yun,i know mahal niya ako...

Nimmy said...

sana wala ngang serious na something something. :)

ang cute niyo mag-asaran. hihi.

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--sana nga at sana di niya tinatago sakin...

soltero said...

hope he is really OK...ang hirap ng situation mo, kahit sino na nsa lagay mo mag woworry tlaga ng husto

Virex said...

i hope that na maging ok siya... kung ayaw niyang malaman yung result, kausapin mo yung mom niya, alamin yung results, then act depending on the situation.. lol..

pero ok na yan na ienjoy mo yung time mo sa kanya lagi, not knowing when it will end..

Tobie said...

That was an interesting read! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Mac Callister said...

@tobie--hey thanks for being here!balik ka ha,o di ba parang saleslady lang LOL

paci said...

awww moment! =)

alagaan mo na puso niya. hehehe.