April 7, 2010


My mind was made up already when I came in this country to work, that there would be no secret about who I am, about what I am. I don't wanna stress my self anymore on hiding the truth to my Filipino colleague. I'm done with that. I am out to my close friends, but majority are still guessing.

You know, that gut feeling that people talk behind your back asking "is he gay?" and you would do everything to prove them that you're not. You would check on your speech, on your hand gestures, on your walking, or even practice how to scream like a man when watching a horror flick when there's a scary scene!LOL

That's all too stressful!

So I decided, new country, new work place, new people, its high time to start "HONESTLY". I don't mean like announcing to every one or dressing like a she-male! that would get me to prison! toink!

I would still be my own self. But only transparent. I slowly revealed my self, one at a time, like one time I was having dinner with one colleague and I said "damn, I miss my ex boyfriend..." she almost choked after!LOL

Until words passed to one another blah-blah, some said they had a clue already and some doesn't have the slightest idea. They even had a surprise of their life when one of them are mismatching me with this straight guy and I bluntly said :" no, no, I only date gay guys too...."

"Whaaaat?" they asked in chorus with eyes wide open haha. I was like: are these people came from the Jurassic era?! They don't know that there's such a thing as gay to gay relationship. That concept was so new to them. They even expect me to wear make up or to love girly stuffs!waaaaa! I'm still very much of a man! I just love to love a...man.

At least now they knew, thanks to me they gained new information LOL! So, now I feel very free, no worries, no fear of thinking people might think I'm this or like that. Its a wonderful feeling to go to a workplace where you could be your self and wont be denying who you really are.


Herbs D. said...

having this reaction from people is normal. obviously, a lot has to be learned from us before all of them accepts us.

its a good thing that you're showing them that gay men these days aren't the old day typecasts. continue on surprising people, young one. LOL

Phunk Factor said...

Congratulations!!! It is definitely really cool to be out and proud with everyone!!

Mac Callister said...

@herbs--young one ka jan hehe!cge na nga young na!

@phunk--yes indeed!

imsonotconio said...

red butterfly!

Nimrod said...

Nice! Good for you mister.. :)

Jules said...

It's better to be honest than to keep the secret by yourself alone. But be careful Mac.

The Brown Mestizo

Mac Callister said...

@conio--yeah i fly fly LOL!

Mac Callister said...

@nimrod--hey thanks!

@jules--its a liberating feeling you know...thanks for being here

StarFish said...

revelation my ass... LOL! kidding! stay true to who you are... this is all about you, you owe no one :)


i can complain as much as i want too... it's my blog! LOL! dork!



na surprise din daw ako. lol!

strict ba jan? so doble ingat ka... or triple....

Mac Callister said...

@starfish--hahaha dont make kontra na ok!tse!

Mac Callister said...

@KJ--oo dapat makigulat ka din! oo mejo strict bawal ang super gay dito LOL

Chris said...

so u expose urself too?

rhadem said...

nice story