April 3, 2010

Im A Believer

Its holy week, but on this part of the world...is not. LOL. I kinda miss the Easter atmosphere back home, when every one is on vacation, when my sis would make "sariwang lumpia" during this season, and the bible inspired movies shown on TV.

Here, its like a normal day. We go to work and go home and all. Some of my friends are doing the fasting, I was asked during dinner by my colleague :

"Mac, why are you eating meat when every one else is not?"

"I'm not a catholic" I simply answered her.

"What is your religion then?" her again

"I don't have a specific religion.." I laughed. "I don't go to church and listen to masses or lectures. But I do respect all of them. "

I explained to her that, since I'm a gay guy, some teachings are about, man and woman, that homosexuality is a sin blah-blah. So I stopped attending masses anymore. FYI: I used to attend some christian meetings too. I felt shame whenever I attended masses then loving another man when I get home. So I stopped.

"But do you believe in God?" she asked me again.

"Yes with all my heart. I just have a very very personal relationship with HIM. I pray every night, every chance I have, I praised him on every blessings I received. I talk to HIM on my own special way. Deep in my heart I know that he loves me, deep inside I know that he loves me back that what ever I am, as long as I do good, as long as I don't harm any one, as long as I am a loving and responsible person. He would accept me."

"Want some beef steak?" I asked her but she politely said "no, thanks".

Note: You should see the movie "Prayers for Bobby" such an excellent film, its one movie that made me realize that God loves us all. It answers all the doubts and questions in my mind.


Phunk Factor said...

'Prayers for Bobby' is one of the my favorite movies of ALL time!!

Mac Callister said...

@phunk--yeah that movie moved me!

Anonymous said...

thanks for recommending this movie. i feel so enlightened.

Mac Callister said...

@anonymous--u saw it already?i downloaded a torrent copy before.great movie no?

JR said...

AMEN! Hi Mac..wala lang, pa cute lang..;-)

Jules said...

I will check out this movie. Me too, i talk to god on my own ways.

The Brown Mestizo

Chris said...

it is movie?

Mac Callister said...

@chris--its a movie made for tv i think hehe.

imsonotconio said...

aba! aba!