April 23, 2010

Present Stressful Events

I felt fully charged today after sleeping for almost 12 hours straight! Its been a while since I last slept like that. I wanna beat my friend's record of sleeping for 16 hours but I just cant!haha. Even if I had enough believe me I'm still sleepy right now! Well, anyway, its my day off today, I need this rest because tomorrow is my big debut duty at the Accident and Emergency room!(ER) waaaaaaaaa!

This is my punishment for being late at work often they said, and being too lazy to do overtime work!LOL We are actually at the general hospital, but my contract is for the special hospital that is on its finishing touches and would open this September, at the Cardiac Center. It is first of its kind here.

I'm nervous, I'm excited, and clueless if I'm going to make it!haha. ICU's are always been my fave area on the hospital, and the least are the operating rooms (OR) and wards. Been having duties at the ER before way back home, but gosh, in this hospital now in Doha, its soooooo different. Very demanding. All new protocols. I'm not on my safe zone anymore.

Its like divisoria! too much people and you never know who or what kind of people will come carrying their complaints! Like last time last year, many of the staffs are exposed to H1N1 because at first you would never knew what they're having until tested or seen by doctors. Sigh.

And what I'm worried about is, all the staffs are new to me, I would be like a wallflower in that chair with no one to talk to! haha. So i have to make new friends right away.

The only thing Im excited about this new experience is the cute ER gay guys...whew!Tons of them! I like! I like! toinks!

Another issue that's been bothering me lately is my first yearly vacation, I'm supposed to have it this July, for some reasons, many of my senior staff from other countries just listed their names on the same month! meaning Boss cannot allow too many staffs having leaves in a month. Since I'm a junior staff, my boss will grant their request first! I hate them! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

What will happen to our Boracay adventure? Been planning to have our honeymoon there! EDC is already working out his body to flaunt out on the beach!LOL

Its so annoying when your mind already set on one thing, its hard to accept any other options huhu.

And besides I cannot bear the thought that I will have to wait more more months to be with my love... I'm dying to hug and kiss and make love to EDC...

(I'm gonna grab his d*ck and kiss him hungrily the moment I see him!LOL)

He sent me a recording of his voice singing Love Me Tender, too bad I wasn't able upload it here, damn blogspot! He joined many singing contest before and as usual he didn't win! LOL! Joke lang mahal!


Phunk Factor said...

My ER duty starts next year and I can't wait!!

I think you'll make friends quick, when u get crazy cases and everyone is all over them....you start talking and then you can take it from there!!!

You'll do great!!

N hope u get a chance to go home in July!! If u wanna upload the file....try Divshare!!

JR said...

Malandi! Me bf na lumalandi k p sa mga cutie nurse dyan! I can't wait to go back home for my vac too..di ko p Lang maayos Ang sched argh!

Mac Callister said...

@phunk--well i hope so,they told me ER staffs are amazing and nice,so i know i will be taken care of there.

@JR--haha landi landian lang un!may ganun?!hay sana nga matuloy vacation ko...

Anonymous said...

i agree with JR, you're so "landi" lol whatever that is... it just sounds fun... haha and no cleavage for you, ass... LOL!!!

Mac Callister said...

@starfish--haha you dont know landi?hmp learn some tagalog words!i want i want that cleavage!LOL

arkin said...

haha. konting tiis na lang. haha

Mac Callister said...

@arkin--yeah hehe kaso mukhang malabo talagaaaa.waaah!