March 1, 2010

Socially Revived!

The Sheraton Hotel

Last Friday, Feb 26, me and other 3 friends from work decided to go clubbing, been wanting to do that since I came here 7 months ago LOL! So after 10pm work, me and a girl friend, changed into our party clothes and about to hit the road. But we received a call from the other two who's there ahead and told us that QUBE (that's our venue inside the Ramada Hotel) were closed!!!!

Whaaaaaat???????! On a weekend they're closed?

What are we gonna do now? I just bought this clothes for that place! Damn! haha. I wanna scream!

They just told us that we will go to Sheraton Hotel instead, they have a live band too, but smaller dance floor and the DJ are not as better as QUBE, but what the heck! We just wanna have a drink, dance all night and party!

The hotel is awesome. I wonder how it felt like staying on one of their rooms...

Inside the lobby of Sheraton hotel

At the entrance we registered and they gave us a membership ID which cost QR35 (which is about 437 pesos) and the drinks inside cost around 47 to 60 QR (500 to 750 pesos). Upon entry, I'm scanning the place for PLUs but only spotted 2 or 3, well, I must admit my gaydar sucks!LOL

Inside as expected, a mixture of races, the live band are purely Filipinos though, 3 female vocalist. And yeah, the dance floor is kinda small. We had a couple of drinks and when they sang Lady Gaga's just dance, we all knew its our cue to hit the dance floor.

And we danced non stop for an hour!LOL

I noticed a cute gay guy came in and greeted his friends, but also noticed that overprotective bf nearby haha. Oooops, he's taken!hmmmp

As the night heated up and we're burning the dance floor, the band suddenly sang a medley of some classic pinoy songs, and my friends started to pick partners and did the swing....waaaa I'm not good at it! and so we did dance the swing, my partner C, carried me and helped me through the steps, I knew some basics.

Suddenly I noticed there's only the four of us at the dance floor dancing the swing!!waaaaa I felt embarrass! Everyone was watching us! they must've cleared the floor for us to dance properly!

Thank goodness the medley ended. We went back at out seats and rest! I needed a drink after that!

A guy joined our circle while on the dance floor later and I thought he's into me, but realized he's kinda interested at my other two girl friends. haha feeling ako? he's been bugging us about getting our numbers.

Later that night, I noticed a guy near me, he looks Lebanese or something, wearing eyeglasses, between 28 to 30 I guess. Cute...he just joined our circle and came very near me. I ignored him and told myself its normal on the dance floor. So I flirted with him a little, and faced him. I started dancing with him as if he's my exclusive partner LOL!

I'm beginning to have a crush on him haha, but he looked shy. And I'm not sure if he's gay! My gaydar sucks remember?!

When I'm just standing and watching others on the floor, he came near me again, as if he wanna talk to me, I've seen him looking at me from time to time. When he said something, I replied, gave my sweetest smile and that's it, haha TORPEDO na ata akoooooo!waaaaa

I realized also that he's an Arab, and the last thing on my mind right now is to have anything to do with them. I don't wanna get involve with them. I'm just being cautious. I heard many things about them with gay guys. Not raping gays, but them being obsessive and if they cannot get what they wanted they will turn to the government and have gays deported.

So, I have to pass on him this time no matter how cute and nice he seems. Sigh. I also have to pass on that cute pinoy gay guy with his bf too, I just had to look at him from a far, at times, our eyes met and we just have to looked away from each other.

Until, its 2am and its time to go home. Too bad.

My feet ached, and I smell like shit! Too much smoker inside! grrrrrr!


JR said...

wow..ang pinoy talaga, kahit saang clubs makarating, center stage palagi lol..Rice is definitely better ;-)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

perhaps a different day, mac. :D

Ming Meows said...

at least nag-enjoy ka naman. makakahanap ka din :)

Anonymous said...


i stumbled onto your blog the other night and been hooked on your posts (i've read everything from the first post). they're quite a read, very candid and honest, which i like.

keep up the great posts! and you've got a new avid fan in me.


Mac Callister said...

@JR--sinabi mo pa!wait,RICE?san un?

@citybuoy--hahaha maybe.

@ming--true,di bale di na ako naghahanap now,sila nalang maghanap muna sakin LOL!

@VAN--wow VAN,im flattered!thanks dont worry i love blogging so much and i wont stop documenting my life here.

imsonotconio said...


Darc Diarist said...

sayang iyong lebanese mac! tsk tsk tsk. lol

Jules said...

At last, you let yourself enjoy even for a night. Imagine! 7 months ka ng anjan. =D

The Brown Mestizo