March 11, 2010

Weird E.B

As I'm having my pizza and beef lasagna that I ordered at Pizza hut at the mall, I cant help but have a shallow laugh! I just tried to shook it off and forget about it.

Director, please rewind!

6 hours earlier:

I was chatting online and this Filipino guy sent me a message, had a couple of good conversation, till the routine exchanges of pictures and links. With some casual flirting on the side too. I gotta say, he's a cutie. I invited him to go out. Been wanting to go to the mall because I have to send money to my mom and to buy some personal stuffs. This is hitting two birds with one stone, so why not.

He's jobless and living with his sister's family here in Doha while he seeks job as a nurse. He said he don't have the budget, but I said, its not a problem, I could treat you to a fancy dinner and a movie. Lets call him Kirk

In simple words, I found a friendly date tonight. So after I prepared myself I took a cab and told him I'm on my way. He said, he's also waiting for the bus. As I passed by the lovely scenery of Doha, I've been thinking of where are we gonna eat and what movie to watch. I kinda get excited, and told my friend Cher I'm going out with this guy. Its a routine for me to inform someone close to me that I'll be meeting a new guy, in case something happens, the police might get a lead, right???

So much for paranoia?!LOL

When I finally met him, I noticed another guy with him. He introduced him to me as his friend!

WTF? He brought a friend???!

A chaperone?nyak!

I wanna slap my self and think that this was just a dream! Who else on earth would bring a chaperone on a date at this modern age of gay dating!

What was he, his personal security guard????!

My excitement was gone with the wind, I'm no longer interested. I just wanna go and do what I originally need to do. Both of them are nice, that's a fact, but I'm not ready for this, I'm not good at surprises.

A normal responsible guy would say: Mac, I'll be bringing my friend with me, is that alright with you?

To think that I'll be the one paying for our dinner and movie, didn't he think that it will look so embarrassing on his part bringing his friend?Duh! Its so funny and annoying. I came there to meet him, to get to know him, to have a new friend. But two is way too much for me at that moment. That's why I have to remind my self not to date guys under 25 years old! LOL They're so immature! grrrrrrrrr!

When I was falling in line for the remittance center and they're watching something a few meters I texted kirk: Hey why you didn't tell me you're bringing a friend?I thought its just the two of us.

I saw him picked his cellphone and read it,and take note, together with his friend! They read it together, awww how sweet!LOL!

He replied: Sorry, we saw each other here, and its a shame if I'll snob him, right?

Well, a normal guy would do is this: he would say hi to his friend and if that friend will ask, tell him you'll be meeting someone. Or if your closeted (which is not the case for him) you'll just make an alibi and say goodbye to that friend. And you don't need invite him to your date to think that you're not the one paying! haller!

And a normal friend would also do if your friend told you that he's meeting someone or having a date is to just say good luck and have fun. or if he invites you out of courtesy, you'll just say, no thanks, you go ahead.

I called my friend Cher about my awkward situation. She just laughed at me and said what kind of guy was that! Leave them right away! I texted Kirk again: Hey I think I'm better off alone, I need to buy some things and you surprised me... I'm sorry.

Once again i saw him read my message together with his friend!hahaha what's with this guy?gosh! I never met someone like him. He's weird!

He faced me and waved his goodbye. I sighed for relief! Its such a shame that I planned a good night for us, even thinking of inviting him to go clubbing with me if our plans push through this weekend.

Funny, that I don't have anything interesting to write on my blog recently and good thing he came. LOL!

I just did what i needed to do after they'd go, and I bought a new shirt for our future clubbing and a new perfume, 1 million by Paco Robanne. I bought Issey Miyake's scent 2 weeks ago but my friends didn't like the smell. Too strong I guess. Hope this one is much better.

Issey Miyake

Paco Robanne


Herbs D. said...

not all guy under 25 are immature. you were just really fucked that day haha

Mac Callister said...

hhaha yeah right!

Ming Meows said...

im under 25 but not immature. kapal niya.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i'm glad u shopped nalang. haha at least di sayang yung time at yung pag-labas. :D

was naman mag-generalize ng under 25. aray ko. haha we're not all crazy.

imsonotconio said...

ur zo gaztoz

Solo said...

Goodness! What was on that guy's mind?! Or maybe, he's out of his mind. Lol. ;D

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April said...

Lol! Eh khit nga sa gril and boy date eh kakahiya m,agdala ng chaperon. ;D Don't you ever try to invite that guy again or else. Lol. Have fun Mac. ;D

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Mac Callister said...

sorry guys if na-generalized ko LOL im just pissed!


hahahahah buti nga sa yo!!! kasi malandi kah!! tse!

Anonymous said...

whatta!!!! hahahaha....sasabihin ko pa naman mag-ingat ka...(dahil doon sa kwento last post!)...eto umarangkada ka na hahaha.....

Mac Callister said...

@blu--haha actually pinoy naman yun mga target ko lately so di ako mapapansin ng mga kapulisan LOL!

Anonymous said...

bwahaha. the guy's wicked.

efrenefren said...

ako na lang kasi invite mo mag date!