February 25, 2010

Matchmaker In The Making!

I opened my phone and read the text messages, one came from my mom. She's asking about my email address. She said she will give it to someone, I thought its about work or some paper work that she needs to send me, that's why without any question, I keyed in my ad and sent it to her.

After a while, my phone rang. Its her.

Mom:" Your email address is weird. Where did you get that?!"

Me:" I'm creative, you know!"

Mom: "I asked about your email, because I have one student at our ballroom class and he wants to know you..."

I got confused what she meant at first. "Wait, wait, slow down, what do you mean mother?!"

Mom: "well, he's gay and I talked about you, and he said he wanted to know you, and I promised him I will give him your email, and he said, he wants to chat with you some time".

I was in a shock! Is this really my mom I'm talking to???? I mean we never talk about my sexuality ever. As in for me, what you see is what you get with regards to my folks. But I'm pretty sure they knew already, but this is the first time, my mom, in reality showed me how she already embraced my true personality.

I suddenly wanna cry...

and laugh too! Imagine, my mom is hooking me up with some gay guy at Dubai!!!hahahaha. I composed my self and answered her on the phone. "so what about this gay guy? how old is he?"

Mom: "He's 34 and very much single. He's also looking for some special guy"

Me:" OK mom, you have my blessings, give him my email ad!" LOL

I suddenly felt very light and happy. I love my mom! Soon she'll be joining me here at Doha, hope I could get her a job and a nice place to stay. If not, she have to bear the thought of going back to my Dad back home! too bad for her! *Toinks!*

Note: Mom and Dad are not on good terms. In my mom's mind, they're separated already, but dad still on denial.


ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

how cute naman ng mom mo!

imsonotconio said...


Mac Callister said...

@citybuoy--yeah she's a cool mom!

@conio--hay naku napanga nga ka ba?LOL

Jules said...

Oh my! Your mom is gorgeous! That's the proof that she's proud of you. =D

The Brown Mestizo

gLeek said...

man, i wish i have a mom like yours! kainggit naman. hehe.LOL

Mac Callister said...

@jules--i know thats why she;s my fave person in the world!

Mac Callister said...

@gleek--aww!your mom didn't know ur gay?

gLeek said...

@Mac--i'd like to assume that at least she already has a clue but for the most part, we just don't talk about it.

Chris said...

Oh? U r mom know abt u?

Mac Callister said...

@chris-yes,now we're clear about it haha

Gram Math said...

hahaha, you are very lucky to have one of the coolest mom in the world.

Looking for Vince said...

aww... ako rin nainggit... hehe. cool mom nga!

Ming Meows said...

nakakaloka naman si mother. Ikanga, mother knows best.

Mac Callister said...

@gram math--i know and i love her

@looking for vince--thanks!darating din kayo jan sa ganyan,maybe?


chichirya said...

hehe. your mother is win!

anderson said...

good to know your parent is being open about this...your issue but good to have parental support.
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