February 3, 2010

Where Can I Find U?

I'm on a quest on getting this pair of shoes! it was out I think around July last year, and when I first saw it, I cant get it out of my mind, I'm dreaming of it on my feet! Im having wet dreams with it! LOL how come I didn't see it when it first came out! where was I????!

Its the puma el rey shoes. I saw them on Zac Efron! Cool!

God please help me have them!

Black or white? what do you think?! But waaaa its always out of stock! I hope I could get them on eBay...

you know what I hate about Qatar? they have the ugliest shoes available! unlike in manila, we all have the coolest, trendy and new shoes on the stores!


Jepoy Dacuycoy said...

umuwi ka sa Pinas at bumili nyan. ang fashionable na kaya ng mga design ng PUMA. i think wala pang 2K yang el rey na yan :D

Darc Diarist said...

get the black one...
so i could get the white one. hehe

nice shoesies! :D

Lyka Bergen said...

Black! pls lang! Chos.

Pahabol: If you love Fashion, Pls vote sa aming PR-LTE. Thanks!

marvin said...

git d white one, mac! lurve it!!!

Anonymous said...

you probably will get it... on ebay... or overstock.com... go to puma.com i don't know... do a search dork! lol bum!

J.Kulisap said...

Bigla akong naglaway pare.

Ang gaganda ng designs.



Tentyu sa pagdalaw sa bahay kubo ko.

Anonymous said...

try finish line. nakita ko yan sa store nila yesterday.