July 30, 2012


Today was the last drop of my Acqua Di Gio. My fave so far! I panicked! I can't live without spraying a cologne when goin out. Its like I'm naked!

arteh! hahaha.

Naubos ko na din yun Chrome by Azzaro ko. I still have a bottle of CK Shock, but I don't like it, as well as my Issey Miyaki and my Givenchy. Ayun inaamag lang sila. LOL. I might use them if I really really don't have a choice, I guess.

Minsan naguguluhan pa nga ako sa difference ng eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne.

They said, mas matapang ang concentration ng parfum, mas mahal siyempre toh, ito gamit ng mga arabo dito kaya naman ang babango nila as in! yun de toilette and de cologne, interchangeable daw silang dalawa. So level sila ata ganyan hehe.

If you have questions, click this SITE

I searched Google for some lists of top eau de toilette this year. Amazon gave me this list. (click here) Perfume.Com gave me this one naman (click here) and etc. I copied the names of my targets and headed to the mall.

I will admit. I'm no expert with these scents. I have a hard time finding the right one. The one that will match my personality and I could use on my daily activities, and also something that will lasts for many hours. Pero not too strong. Yan ang hanap ko.

I found all of that in Giorgio Amani's Acqua Di Gio. Andaming reactions ng mga nakakaamoy, like whats that I'm using, like how they loved my cologne, etc.

Pero I cannot stay on one brand forever, so dapat iba naman. Maybe I'll buy another one like next year or the next.

The kuya at Debenhams, helped me finding the names on my lists hehe, nahihiya pa nga ko kasi may listahan ako. He gladly assisted naman me, spraying the samples on and on.

But when he sprayed this new Carolina Herrera Sport on my wrist, instantly I found the one! haha. I fell in love with it.

ganda ng bottle :-)

The notes feature bergamot, grapefruit, sage, marine accord, Szechuan pepper, juniper, sandalwood, vetiver and oak moss.

They gave me a free bag, sobrang laki naman ewan san ko magagamit toh! LOL

I bought the small one, nagtitipid kasi ako ngayon hahaha!

What about you? What are your favorites?


bien said...

andami mong pabango huh!

ako, since you asked, I'm currently using the one I got from body shop- yung feeling ko, amoy baby ako LOL

victormanalo said...


MEcoy said...

sana ganyan katawan ko galit mga muscles haha
ako basata mabango na ko ok na yun haha

KikomaxXx said...

haha isa din ito sa mga hobby ko.. ang maging mabango... pihikan din ako sa mga pabango yun nga lang wala pa akong budget sa mga mamahalin... hahaha..

Anonymous said...

I love Acqua De Gio too. Too bad ubos na din yung saken. I'm using Clinique Happy now.

--M from the South

itsMePeriod said...

CAROLINA HERRERA 212 very sexy for men...bulgari blue saka ang astig na astig na PINK with a splash (fresh and clean..yung amoy powder) ng victoria secret..ahihihi

mi ultimo paborito ko ang fahrenheit..nakakaEL.ahihihi

Mr. Tripster said...

I've always preferred Giorgio Armani perfumes, specifically Acqua di Giò and Armani Code.

Mabango din yun Egoiste ng Chanel at YSL.

Ralph Lauren's Polo Sport never fails. Pang-araw-araw lang yan, yun bang kung gusto mong ialay ang katawan mo na masinghot ng masa, yan ang gamitin mo.

Pero yung mga Armani at Chanel, pang romansa yan, o yung gusto mo may dating ka sa trabaho and you're in the mood to flirt with colleagues salivating after you. Yan, flirtatious and sensual ang scent nila.

Well, of course, that's my impression.

lateadventurer said...

Ako, mare..I always follow your scent basket..(hahaha, parang namamalengke lang ba? I'm using Clinique Happy for Men at the moment, but I still have Hugi Boss Bottled.Night (pang special occasions)... Wondering why you don't like Issey Miyake, I so loved it ...