July 25, 2012

Nice To Know You

Leaving. Everybody leaves.

A person leaves when they wanted something else.

They leave when they're not happy.

They leave when there's no reason to stay...


I guess he noticed that I'm not that into him after all.

I gave myself a chance to get to know the person, but he became impatient, I guess.

He would never know what could've been if he waited. A little more.

We could never tell...

So, maybe its better that I'm not around, for I'll be hurting a good heart in the process.

It was nice meeting you though. Thank you.


Justin said...

si sharing the night together ba to?

Will said...

Sometimes we're better off saying goodbyes to someone we love dearly than remaining in his or her presence knowing that nothing will really happen.

Kane said...

You okay Mac? Are you saddened? Hurt? Relieved? Sometimes we blame others when we know very well, it's us, not them.

Well, if you really want him, you will do something yes? If not, then you will let him go.


Anonymous said...

@kane, well said. some people doesn't want to make it obvious that they decide for that, putting the blame to the other side, when in fact, the issue is within US.

@nubadi said...

potek ka mac... nakakaiyak ba to or ang OA ko lang today?

Mac Callister said...

@justin--yeah siya nga! hehe

@will--base sa karanasan mo ba yan or sa akin? LOL

@kane-- mejo nalungkot ako. pero i know its me to blame, kasi fr the start, parang pinilit ko sarili ko na mahalin siya. and nahalata niya yun. he knew somethings not right. kaya i let go nalang din, and thanks for being here kane :-0

@nubadi--naku doms, sobra naman sympathy mo sa mga kababayan mo or what?lol.

@anonymous--thanks for your comment :-)

Brian said...

okay lang yan basta wag lang yung mala- somebody that I used to know~♪ ☺

Jenny said...

mabuti na yun na naghiwalay kayo ng landas kasi in the long run kayo rin naman ang nagpapasakitan ng damdamin at pareho yung torture sa inyo :)

Michael said...

Hey Mac!

Yep, everybody leaves but everybody also has the choice to stay.

So I'll be leaving after I post this comment but I'm sure to return. So it's not goodbye yet though I'm leaving soon. LOL!

I hope you'll find someone who will make you say that you'll stay.

Btw, thanks for the greetings you left on my blog. See you!

ZaiZai said...

aww...di bale, people come and leave for a reason, malay mo mas bongga ang kasunod :)

Anonymous said...

This is sad. I remember when I was in that position.

Sometimes we have to leave someone because it will be beneficial for both parties. Sometimes letting go is our escape goat to save our own self.

If you need a friend to talk to, you know that I'm here.

Godspeed Mac! I miss you!

-M from the South

MEcoy said...

well somethings just aint ment to be im sure there'll be someone that will stay beside you for long it may not took forever but will give you memories that you can treassure
love often be an easy come easy go routine but its worth the risks

victormanalo said...

easy come easy go...

lateadventurer said...

Hey, mare...sorry, now ko lang nabasa itong post na ito...is this the one you are referring to in my BBM with you (o tweets yata yun??)...If this is it, I guess I'm rightat the start...this is not the time for you now... maybe later on ... Hugs from me!