February 17, 2012

Lesson Learned

We were talking about something funny, me and my friend Cher, while walking towards the elevator, its been a while since we had the same shift, so we're catching up a lot. It was always fun being with her. I didn't imagine that we could be this close!

We're currently on a happy mood at that time while waiting for the elevator, when it opened, the lift was not empty, a patient was on a stretcher, together with her nurse, doctor and a nursing aid.

We're hesitant to come in, but we realized, its seven o'clock already, dinner time. So we squeezed ourselves inside. swak na swak lang kami dun sa space!haha

The elevator closes up, and while inside, we noticed that the patient lying on the stretcher is a Filipina, kabayan! so me and Cher, being talkative and "friendly", asked her...

Cher:" San ka nila dalhin, ate?" (where are they taking you?)

The patient started to cry suddenly...hysterically, in fact!

"Ooperahan ako...natatakot ako..." ( i will have an operation and I am really scared) she said. Her tears are endless!

The doctor, nurse and aid looked at us as if asking :what the hell did you do? what did you two tell her?!

Nagkatinginan kaming dalawa!

We don't know how to calm her down, we too are on a panic! LOL

Me: "shhh, ate okay lang yan, relax ka lang..." (hush, it will be okay, just relax)

Cher:" asan kasama mo? ikaw lang?"( where is your companion?are you alone?)

Wrong question again by Cher! The crying got louder this time!LOL

Patient: "ako lang!!!" (just me!)

Good thing the elevator opens and its our floor! We hurriedly escaped from the mess we've created and went out and took a deep breath!

Saved by the bell!haha

Me: "we should've shut our mouth!"

Cher:"I agree!"


This is a re-post from Feb of 2010


juan said...

yan ang perpektong halimbawa na kung minsan nakakaloka ang pagiging concern... hahahaha


hahaha that's why i always used to say sa mga students at interns namen dito na as much as possible do not talk while inside the elevator, especially to patients, if not being asked.

people are given to be emotionally sensitive. hehehe

aboutambot said...

hala lagot kayo haha

ZaiZai said...

wah, wawa naman si ate. lalo siguro yun nalungkot na di nyo sya nasamahan haha

Justin C. said...

kung iba mood ni ate e di sana, tsikahan din kayo bago siya operahan. hehe

kalansaycollector said...


lagot kayo! lol

Anonymous said...

hahaha yan talaga mga concern citizens.. hahaha

Leo said...

Hahaha, naimagine ko hitsura mo Mac ni Cher. I guess that's fine. You were just showing concern for the patient, na kapwa Filipino pa natin.

Mabuhay kayong mga OFW! :)