February 10, 2012

Heat Of The Moment

I've been living with my other two Filipino housemates for about a year now and so far, they're OK with me. We all have separate rooms but one common living room and kitchen which I hardly use since I've put all of my stuffs inside my own room. We've been getting along well before. Maybe its because of the fact that we don't see each that often due to difference in working schedules.

I work at the Cardiology Hospital and they are dental assistant at a health center here and we're under the same company. Its just hi's and hello's. I'll come home from night shifts and they're leaving for work for their morning shifts, and that's it

But lately I've been noticing some carelessness on their part... Someone's cooking and forgot about it...or someone just let the water boiling till all the water inside evaporated!

And when I got home one morning, When I passed by the kitchen and I saw that they forgot to turn off the electric stove, its just open, nothing on it. Its just open! Imagine!

It happened three times! I mean, its a bad habit, its serious. They have to be responsible. We don't want to start a fire on our house! I can't imagine going home and the house's on fire! I would die!

My clothes! My shoes! my gadgets! my clothes! my documents! my clothes! LOL

Ok! Ok! you get it na!

Anywayz, since we haven't seen each other at home most of the time, I left a message on top of the stove:

"Please don't forget to turn the switch off"

Simple. Direct. Polite.

The next morning when I got home, to my surprise, I found the stove open again and I could feel the heat inside the kitchen with an additional bonus: the faucet was running too.

I just thought: Wow! very amusing...

And my note was on top of the trash can intentionally located there for me to see. I was in shock at first, but then I realized, these people are immature...shallow...narrow minded...impossible...they're not seeing the big picture.

Nagkibit balikat nalang ako. I can't deal with these people. To think that they're in their 40's. tsk! tsk! tsk!

Baka ayaw nila napapagsabihan sila...nasaktan ang pride. But I'm right naman di ba? Its for our own good. Pag nagkasunog hindi lang naman sila ang maaapektuhan di ba. I don't know bakit minasama nila yun.

You know what? after seing what they did? I just left it the way as it is. With the stove open...with the faucet open and water running...I went to bed and slept the whole day! My room is far enough from the kitchen and if ever fire would start, their room would be the first to burn! yahooooo! LOL

They want to piss me off. And I don't want them to have that. Its a success on their part. Ano ko sira? I'm not in the mood to give it away easily! Sori nalang sila!

Ipinagpatuloy ko ang buhay kong masaya with less stress, and I still say HI and HELLO to them as if nothing ever bothered me.

Few days later...saw the stove switched off all the time!


Good dogs.



c - e - i - b - o - h said...

dahil yan sa pagkibit-balikat mo friend kaya nahiya sila sa'yo... LOL!!!

wv: sarti (parang ikaw, ma-sarti!)

Leo said...

Crazy room-mates. We had close experience when Nimmy and I used to stay in Pasig together. The only difference is that Nimmy is the most expressive when it comes to strangers...

Keep safe Mac. :)

ZaiZai said...

irresponsible naman! next time lagay mo sa kwarto nila ang naka on na stove habang tulog sila ng mategi na sila.

charles. said...

"My room is far enough from the kitchen and if ever fire would start, their room would be the first to burn!" - hahaha! may point!

lonewolf said...

good idea kasi if you confront them baka magaway kayo or magkasamaan ng loob.

masyado sila maaksaya, sayang ang gas at tubig at sure mahal tuloy ang babayaran.

mahirap talaga makisama dapat mahaba ang pasensia kasi mahirap naman kung magkaaway kayo

in my case im a neat freak at madalas ko nakakabanggaan yung mga taong burara at madumi sa bahay lol!

Brian said...

kakastress naman ng mga housemates mo, Mac. Tama yang mentality na yan, "you want a piece of me? You can't have me. you can't afford." Bwahahahaha taray lang

Anonymous said...

bakit do mo sinabi saken sa BBM to?

-M from the South-

spiky said...

yay, katakot yan. baka mawala mga pamporma mo. bangungot yan. hehehe. visiting again from Bicol.

MakoyMeister said...

Had a similar experience. Pero uubra ba ang tigas ng mukha ng housemates ko sa tigas ng mukha ko? LOL.

Yun, umalis after a week. :)

Michael said...

Hey mac,

First, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Second, LOL on the warning specially this part: "You must be 18 years old (and naked*toinks!) to view this site."

Third, about this post -- some people are really very irresponsible. Good for you, you are dependable and as such, your housemates are lucky to have you.

Keep in touch!

Wunderful Wizard said...

Their carelessness is amazing.

Mr. Tripster said...

I wonder what would happen kung pinagpatuloy pa nila. I guess mararanasan nila ang wrath mo. How are you going to unleash it?

Mac Callister said...

@ceiboh--haha yun ang style ko!

@leo--meaning si nimmy ang nang aaway?LOL salamat mare

@zai--hahaha natawa naman ako dun! magugulat nalang sila!

@charles--hahaha tama naman di ba! atleast tutunog na fire alarm kapag nasunog n room nila right at mapapatay na apoy bago pa masunog room ko! toink

@lonewolf--sinabi mo pa...bahala na sila sa buhay nila malalaki na sila alam na nila ang tama at mali

@brian--ayoko kasi ma stress sa knila haha. kaya bahala na sila!

@m fr south--hahaha di ko pala na chika sau sensiya naman!

@spiky--tama! i love my clothes pa naman!hahaha

@makoy--tingin ko nga~!

@michael--naks naman natuwa nman ako binisita mo blog ko. salamat :0

@wizard--ang nakakatawa pa ang tatanda na nila!

@mr.tripster--naku ewan ko na!ayaw ko na isipin hahaha! pero wag naman sana dumating sa ganun punto