February 6, 2012


The other night an Indian patient of mine at the cardiology ICU died. He's on a coma for two weeks now. There's no relative and just an employer who couldn't even decide on what to do with him. He was brain dead though. So the doctor's decided not to resuscitate him.

The next night shift, the nurses called me up and asked for my assistance in resuscitating an old Emirati patient. The doctor pronounced the time of death after a few minutes.

There's no relatives present too. No one knows how to contact his family.

I don't know why, but I'm starting to think that, was it me or what that every night I have patients dying!


After preparing some paper works, and headed back to our office, I just thought to myself, I don't wanna die like this. Like my two patients...its just so...sad.

I've been around death all the time...its part of my hospital life, I know that. But a death with no one to grieve your passing is pitiful.

You're on a foreign land, working, or you grew old here, suddenly you get sick, you get into a coma, or you had a cardiac arrest...and then you die...

You die alone.

Life is not supposed to be like this.

Hay buhey.


Anonymous said...

This is so sad.
Kamusta na ka na?

Bakit di mo ko BBM?
Miss na kita ah!

-M from the South-

Leo said...

Stop blaming yourself Mac. :)

My sis (a nurse), is used to seeing death. I hear her stories of compassion to her patients but she just takes it as it is and move on.

But I agree with you, dying alone is just sad. But we can't decide on that since we don't know when are we parting ways with mother earth.

Brian said...

how gloomy naman... looks like death was busy completing his quota...

kalansaycollector said...

aaww. :(

Tim Smithson said...

Sad- but this is reality. And we can't stop it. Death is imminent.

Louie said...

Hmmmm, sad events sa work. Ang hirap tlga pag nasa med industry ka.

In my case, I'd rather die alone than to be seen in a horrible situation. Baka kumalat pa ung chismis kung pano ko namatay, pagtawanan ako ng mga kalaban ko! Char. :D

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

I too have fears of dying alone..