November 16, 2011

Life Changing Moment

I have the same routine everyday.

I go to work. I go home.

Sometimes we go out.

Then same routine again.

Yesterday night, I was out from work at 10pm. Our driver drove me home and I went to the elevator. I opened the lights of my big empty flat. I'm living alone on this 3 bedroom flat since September when my housemate had his ten days vacation to the Philippines and didn't come back.

So literally, this is my house LOL!

I already have a simple plan that night, I will eat something light, open my mails then hit the bed early! But after eating, my brain signals my rectum to run to the comfort room and hurry LOL!

What a relief! I said when I'm done. Then I rotate my doorknob to get out. It didn't open. I pulled it...still not opening... What the fuck is wrong? Why it won't open...I was thinking... maybe I pushed the door too hard when I came in?

I tried it again, still not happening! I used the keys, but it was not lock at all. I tried it again, I know it will open... I'm telling to my positive, right?!

I'm starting to panic...

Door...please open....I whispered.

Still not opening....

Then, I gave up! That's it!

I have to admit it:

I'm trapped inside!


I'm alone in the house! No housemate! I was on the top floor! on the 6th by the way! My next neighbour is on the fifth floor! My phone is on my bed! I have nothing useful to open the freakin' door!

What shall I do?????

So I started breaking the doorknob thinking if I break it, the door will open. But it gotten much worst! LOL. Turned out I made it much more impossible to open without the doorknob! Toinks!

I used the door keys to cut the wood and reach for the metal that's holding the door to close. But it doesn't help in any way. It will only take me many hours to finish it if I continue that. And besides its silly!!!

I'm perspiring all over. I searched the bathroom for any thing that will aide me in destroying whats remaining of the doorknob. But there's nothing huhu.

Shall I shout for help?

But I don't hear my neighbor from below me. Usually I hear them talking on their bathroom windows below mine. But I'm thinking, if I shout for help, and if they heard me, they wont be able to help me right away!

They need keys to the main door! and another set of keys to my room! (because I locked my room door too!) The only people who has copies are the personnel department! which is located at the hospital!


They need to break in and destroy my door to get to me! I don't want that to happen! I know if they break my door, it will take them many days to rebuild it! I won't have a door for the next days!!! That would be terrible!

I looked outside from my window, the rooftop is too high if I climbed it.( Ano ko, si spidergay?) But what will happen if I'm able to get to the rooftop from the window? but the doors on the stairs are closed there! I will shout from the rooftop?

But that's nuts!


Di ko bet!!!Imagine, baklang nagsisigaw sa rooftop?! hindi kaya ng pride ko!

But just thinking I will shout: Help! Help! from my window or up there is giving me chills!

Its so Ka-Ka!



Erase that thought!!!Eraseeeee!!!

I wanna cry...I'm so helpless...I don't know what to do....

I tried to put back the doorknob that I just pulled on the door. Useless. I was promising a lot of good things to do as soon as I get out of here! Some good deeds!

This event is life changing, you know! Mag iisip ka talagang magpakabait na! LOL

I finally used the floor mop handle and pushed hard on the place of the broken doorknob!

To my surprised...

It opened!!!!!
That's so unexpected!!

I was so happy! I thanked God!

I checked the time, and I was trapped inside for more than 3o minutes!

Hudas na pinto! hayop ka! Makakaganti din ako sayo!LOL

This is a re-post from January 2010.


Brian said...

i guess it's time to get that door replaced, not just the doorknob... ang mighty floor mop lang naman pala ang solution :) freaky talaga minsan ang mga common things sa bahay... Mac, palagay ko may mumo dyan sa flat mo ☺

egG. said...

NKKLK love this following lines...

I looked outside from my window, the rooftop is too high if I climbed it.( Ano ko, si spidergay? )

lalo na to. WINNUR na WINNUR

Di ko bet!!!Imagine, baklang nagsisigaw sa rooftop?! hindi kaya ng pride ko!


hahaha kaloka.. nako mukhang kelangan nyo magpablessed ng flat ser mac at maghagis hagis ng coins... lol hahaha :D pero ok lang buti naman at ayos na ang pinto.. :P

jetlander said...

Hi Mc! nangyari na rin sa akin yan, I used to live in a penthouse (40th floor) at naiwan ko ang keys sa loob ng lumabas ako para magrocery. Di na pumasok sa isip ko na tawagin ang guards, from roof top lumambitin ako papunta sa terrace, napaka laki kong Tanga! I have scars to prove my kabobohan, magmula noon nagpaduplicate na ako ng mga keys at itinago sa ... para di na maulit.

Herbs D. said...

this has happened to me twice when aaron was down at his parent's for some wedding.

i could totes relate to you. but yes, i eventually got in by forcing our windows open :)

Sean said...

i'm claustrophobic. baka napatalon ako ng bintana kung sa akin nangyari yan.

Drama King said...

Nakakatakot din 'to ah! Imagine kung hindi mo nabuksan 'yun! God is good talaga!

Anonymous said...

hmmm pagawa nalang ulit...

daniel the jagged little egg said...

Glad it opened, paltan na yan hehe : )