July 25, 2011


I only have one sibling, and that is my sister, I'm just a year older than her and I could still remember very clearly how we were when we're young.

We are like cats and dogs. We fight all the time. Literally. I don't remember a time that we never get jealous of anything. So my parents have to get me something if they gave anything for my sister or else...it would be chaos in the house!LOL

So if she received a doll, they have to give me a doll too!


Of course, i would love to have a car or a gun during those times...ano bah!!! (hawi ng bangs!chos!)

When we're fighting, it was like a wrestling match. I would pull her hair and dragged her accross the living room while she screams for help! Ibabalibag ko pa ulo nya saan-saan sa gigil ko!

And if she has the advantage over me, she would use a wet towel and lashed it on my face! and it would leave a reddish mark on my face and I would cry so hard till my mom comes! LOL

Fighting over who would wash the dishes was also a classic one! Sometimes it would take a whole day who would surrender to wash them till my mom arrives and beat us both! hahaha

Those memories makes me smile. We came a long way. Me and her. We are both adults now and she is married to a great guy and having a cute 7 year old boy and another one on the way.

Our relationship somehow changed and we became matured and responsible. I came OUT on her first and accepted me wholeheartedly.

Whenever I'm on vacation back home, she never fails to make my stay worthwhile. She prepared and cooked my favorite foods. Pag nag request ako ng kakainin, later on, andun na yun sa lamesa. She's making sure I'm comfortable and contented.

Especially my last vacation this year...we are closer than ever. Most of the time we go out together. Just the two of us. And always reminding me how to be careful in choosing someone to date and who to fall inlove with.

"Ayoko masaksak ka sa motel tanga ka!" her famous line whenever I go out alone and meet someone or go on a date.

Sometimes I felt that she's the one older. Because, she thinks much wiser than me. Last year when I had my first vacation and its my flight back to the middle east when she hugged me I felt really awkward because Im not really the hugging type of person when it comes to family members.

But this year, when I'm about to leave and say my good byes to them again, my body automatically approached her and hugged her really tight this time. I never felt awkward at all...

We are really different now. And we are both grown ups who loves each other. And besides, I know she will be there for me no matter what.

And I know she would take care of me when I'm old and...alone.


KikomaxXx said...

haah kailan din kaya kami magkakaganyan sa bahay with my sisters... hahah bahala sila.. haha

Leo said...

you're blessed. :)

^travis said...

we are 3 guys in the family (2.5 pala cos of me, chos!) just imagine suntukan, bugbugan, all the violence.

but like you, we mellowed with age, nagkasundo lang kami without any effort.

Nimmy said...

Awwwwwww. Ang emotional mo naman girl! Emo ka nanaman. Hahaha

You guys are lucky to have each other :D

thecure said...

just got teary eyed reading ur blog, cuz it brings me back to the days were i still have all my siblngs (deceased), and i miss them during holidays, ur lucky to have her.

Mac Callister said...

@kiko--haha bket, lagi kayo nag aaway sa bahay?

@leo--yes i am...i never regret having her for a sister

@travis---ganun ata talaga...lahat naiiba kapag nagkakaedad na ang lahat...

@nimmy--hahaha kasi narealized ko wala pa ako post about me beloved sister,kaya since la ako boylet,siya nalang napagdiskitahan ko!

@thecure--you mean, all of them are gone? im sorry...