July 11, 2011

I'm Fine Now

Today is my fifth day back here at the middle east. My first 3 days are very difficult. Been adjusting to the weather and time difference. I was lonely and feeling homesick as expected. I know I will be in this phase. Been like this last year. I know, all OFWs got through this too. I wanna cry but my tears are not coming. I missed my family. I missed home. Been calling them every now and then.

hangbigat sa dibdib ate charing!

But I'm all okay now. Finally. As soon I started working at the hospital and saw my crushes, as soon as I saw some patient's blood, some open chest with their heart's exposed and beating, as soon as I saw some leg broken (and some dick?chos!) and this and that...I know I will be okay. LOL!

I got through it at last. Now I'm back to my old crazy self!

Purita ako pagdating ko dito, I spent all of my savings back home! Now I'm eating, dried pusit and salted eggs! LOL


^travis said...

^hugs^ to you and to your crushes too. lols

the green breaker said...

yaka mo yan teh. gogogo.

mahirap siguro talaga sa abroad. pero ako, since gusto ko kumawala, baka masaya yun! hahaha

Nimmy said...

dugo at laman lang pala katapat mo sis! iba ka talaga! isa ka nga sa pinka-unique kong friend. hehe

Emil said...

...Brother, good to hear that ... ito naman ako, busy busyhan pa din...panay ang out-of-town with my one-and-only ...ha ha ha

Leo said...

happy to hear you're ok now Mac! :) naglaway ako sa daing na pusit. that's my favorite. :)

marvin said...

welcome back mac! :))

lonewolf said...

buti ka pa 3 days lang nadepress ako more than a week hehehehe

ganyan talaga after your vacation maiisip mo ang happy moments.

Mac Callister said...

@travis--sarap ng hug! mmmmmm.... hehe

@the green breaker--haha masarap talaga kumawala noh! try mo na!lika dito sa doha!sama tayo dito!chos!

@nimmy--hahaha naman!!! salamat nimesia!

@emil--hay naku eyes rolling nalang ako!LOL

@leo--oo nga e fave ko din to!

@marvin--thanks my friend :-)

@lonewolf--hay naku tama n un 3 days hehe.baka mapauwi ako ng di oras pag tumagal pa hehe

Emil said...

Brother...sino ba kaaway mo sa tweets mo at me pa-letse letse k p? not in a good mood ba? he he he .. preparing to go to work now, sumaglit lang sa kamunduhan mo, miss ko n balitang Doha eh...he he he...