November 4, 2010

Our Song

Me and Clayton have been arguing for a theme song for some time now! I know, its kinda cheesy, but I love to have our own song. Something that will remind us of each other. But we just couldn't decide which one. I even asked my friends on facebook and was only annoyed with their suggestions!

Anak--by freddie aguilar
Multong Bakla--by whoever!
My way--Frank Sinatra
Jumbo Hotdog--by whoever again!

I mean my friends are all dicks! LOL
I'm serious when I posted that question on my page and instead they made fun of it. Grrrrrrrrr!

I suggested "love song" by 311 --Clayton rejected it!
I suggested "head over heels" by Digital daggers--rejected too!
I also love "the only exception" by Paramore--but he hated it!

But when he suggested the song "Everything" by Michael Buble' and watched it on youtube...



I told him its ugly!

When in fact I know I found our song! Its perfect! I love it! I just can't admit that to him yet. I wanna give him a hard time just for a while to convince me...hahaha

But I know its the One.

Listen to our official song...

Hopefully, we could sing this together on a local videoke bar some time some where in June next year when we go to Coron, Palawan for my yearly vacation. (see the pictures here)

Fingers crossed!

How about you guys, what's your song? :-)


KUMAGCOW said...

yung last ko "My All" Mariah

yung current
I am so into you tsaka
Almost by Tamia


Soltero said...

hihi, love that song - crush ko din yang si Buble' - manyak daw yan sabi ng xgf nya ahahhaha :P

Anonymous said...

Tagalog ang drama namin... "hawak kamay"

urgh... suddenly, me like to throw up na...


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

ay. kayo na ang may lovesong..
at super sweet talaga ng mga friends mu,, in fairness, bet ko un mga suggestions nila.. LOL

Louie said...

Yes, may theme song talaga. That's nice Mac! Favorite ko din yang song na yan! :)

Mac Callister said...

@kumagcow--haha parang may istorya kada kanta a!

@soltero--hay naku malamang biterya ang exgf!hehe

@hondaboi--hehe sige ito timba punuin mo to ha!!!

@ceiboh--hahaha pasaway nga sila e!

@louie--di ba ang ganda! :-)

you-know-me-who said...

kapal mo. kita mong siya nga nagsuggest, tapos "i found our love song" HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Inside your heaven. Carrie underwood. =)

Walang magawa. Nagbabrowse browse tuloy ng mga blog. Lol.


Redlan said...

ganda ng boses ni MB. Bedroom voice. palong-palo ang theme song nyo ni Clayton. At pa hard to get ka pa sa pag amin na gusto mo rin. hehe

Yj said...

gintong araw by bing rodrigo


Ming Meows said...

teh kaya kong sakyan ang kabaduyan mo. pero wag mo naman akong piliting magka-theme song jusko.

Virex said...

if you want a japanese song, i suggest first love.. though para seo inde siya first love mo, pero ganda ng meaning..

Nimmy said...

naks! hongsweeeet! hihi

amin Now That I Have You ng The CompanY. hihi

toffer said...

ay ang ganda nung song..:))

i think of you yung song namin..:))

Mac Callister said...

@youknowwho---hoy clayton!!!magtigil ka!tse!LOL

@jason--a yeah i remember that song!

@redlan--ganda nga no?hehe lagi ko tuloy siya pine-play na...

@yj--di ko alam yan!LOL

@ming--e di wag!haha

@virex--sige nga papakinggan ko yan..

@nimmy--cute yun!

@toffer--sino kumanta?

ibañez said...

theme song!!??dalaga?nene? .. hahaha . .nakakaloka yan . . maganda din yung till they take my heart away by kyla

Chacha said...

I love that song so much..great choice!
No wonder your bf likes the song...
eett...ang sweet naman :)

Just surfing and found your blog..pretty and neat. :)

I commend these songs:
Tonight I give In by Jinky Vidal
The little things by Colbie Caillat
Once in a Lifetime by Freestyle