July 17, 2010

My Newest Fantasy

Noontime today, because I was bored to death, together with my friend, sister and nephew we headed to Manila. Our destination: The Manila Ocean Park and Star City!haha. I never been there so I was as excited as my 6 year old nephew.

Been gone for a while so I never noticed na may pang girl portion na sa LRT! Mega dun pa naman ako ride-ride!LOL! Feeling girl????!

Anyway, I love the Ocean park, the oceanarium was awesome, tons of fish (siyempre!) but the whole experience was kinda short and when you finished the tour you'll kinda have this comment like: thats it????? that's my 400 pesos already???LOL buti nalang super picture taking kaming lahat!!! they also have this musical fountain show which starts at 7pm with rate of 250 pesos/person, but we failed to come back, nalibang kami sa rides sa star city,sayang!

We went straight at Star City around 3pm. We had the ride-all-you-can ticket for 300 pesos each. I heard so much about their fantastic rides. So we started from the simplest to their wildest! But we were not able to ride all other attractions because of the heavy rain huhu.

Buti nalang may shooting, nakita namin sina Ogie Diaz, jeffrey Santos,Glydel Mercado and Ej Falconnnnnnnnnnn!!! ayun since my sister is super jologs...nagpapicture-picture siya...e ayun sumama na din ako! hahaha.Hmmm, bango ni Ej, siyet na malagkit!

We were invited to watch a show at their theater and OMG! Its a valey show... este ballet show pala! haha. The opening number made me so speechless! Tulo laway ko...

There's 6 hot guys shirtless and wearing only red sexy pants! and doing the ballet-ballet ek ek with their bamboo sticks!!!! I swear I love ballet na haha.

Its breath-taking. We had so much fun watching them. The group is called Ballet Manila with non other than Miss Liza Macuja. I immediately spotted 3 good looking guys in the group!haha kilig to death!

Thanks to whoever invented that tight thingy pants the guys are wearing at their show! Bulginggggggggggg! I told my self as soon as I get home, I will wank with them on my mind! Kidding!!!!

Libog alert! libog alert! Wang- wang-wang!

We got home very late and I was tired and hungry as hell! So ayun lamon ako!

Since I still have the Ballet Show hang over, I'm gonna be walking and dancing like a ballerina for a while now...hope my dad won't catch me if I did that from my room going to the toilet across the living room! Toinks!!!


Phunk Factor said...

Hahahaha....you write so cute!!!

Good to know ur having fun!!!

Mac Callister said...

@phunk--u think so?i think I write like im drunk LOL!

imsonotconio said...

ayun makakapagcomment na rin me hehehhee

bakatkung bakat un ah hehehe

Mac Callister said...

@conio--sinabi mo pa dakota moon!hehe

Nimmy said...

i was at StarCity yesterday. chos!

glad you had fun. hindi pa ako nakakapunta sa star city and ocean park. hihi. takot ako sa rides, and kuripot ako. un na!

Anonymous said...

haha I've never been to the ocean park. dammit :/

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--haha kala ko andun ka nga e imposibleng mamiss kita i know ur face LOL!

ganun kuripot ka?grabe ka naman!lika dun tau mag meet libre kita LOL!

JP said...

ganun din reaction ko sa ocean park.. kakabitin! haha. naman sa mga bulges! lol!

Von_Draye said...

musical fountain show <---worthless.
buti nalang di kayo pumunta...

andito ka pala.

Ming Meows said...

hahha. kakatuwa ka talaga as usual.