July 5, 2010

Finally...Me and You

I fell asleep for a while and I felt that I was sweating, I opened my eyes but noticed the ac was open, and I'm perspiring. I don't know why...its odd.

I wasn't using the pillow, instead my head was under an arm of a guy next to me. He was also asleep... I noticed that arm was wet...not with my sweat...but with my saliva...

SALIVA?????!!!! yuckyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I drooled on him that much? OMG! I removed his arm because I know it will be difficult for him. Mangangalay siya...I turned my back on him to change my position. But that woke him, he hugged me from my back instead.

That put a smile on my sleepy face. It felt so good. He don't want me to be out of his warm body. kilig ako...hehe.

People...meet EDC.

My EDC. Beside me. Loving me. Kissed me. Hugged me. Licked me. Fucked me. Ano daw yun? LOL!

After almost two years here we are, together at last. One of the happiest day of my life. A loving guy who traveled 5 hours to meet me (last Saturday). I remembered when I saw him inside at gateway mall, waiting, on his back, but I know it was him. My heart can never be wrong. Even there's a big crowd around him.

I slowly approached, without him knowing. He was still looking at something when I said :

"Hi, waiting for someone?" and he faced me and smiled so wide revealing those cute dimples as soon as he recognized my lovely voice! ( chos!!!)

"Ang tagal mo..." he said. (you took so long).

"Im not late, you're just early." I smiled and hugged him...It felt good having his body so close to mine.

We had lunch at Max's since I am missing a lot of pork! haha. We started the long casual conversation over, catching up to the lost moment due to our long distance. We fell in line to watch Eclipse, it was a long line, tons of people at the ticket booth, occasionally I would hold his hand in discreet, and he would hug me when he thinks no one noticed.

And of course, at the movie house, he held my hand! and whispered: Mac, I love you..."

I smiled and continued watching, when Im into a movie I don't want talking. So after a while he said: "you still haven't said I love you to me..."

"Oh I'm sorry baby...I love you..."

We bought some stuffs for our boracay adventure this coming Friday after. Sana di umulan nun haha!

We had dinner and we stayed the night together, our first night...I know you're waiting for the big event! You want details!

But to tell you honestly, it was a disaster! Its embarrassing! waaaah!

At first it was so romantic, we took a shower, we dimmed the light, he was kissing me...I discovered he tickles on almost every part of his body! Its so cute and I felt relieved, it just means he's not as experienced as me!

Sabi nila pag wala ng kiliti, meaning, gamit na gamit na katawan nun! haha I don't know if that have a scientific basis or what! But with my body, I know, when I'm starting to have sex, I have tingling sensation all over my body. But now after a decade the only part remains is my earlobes! LOL

He gave me a sensual massage. He was good. He was on top of me...I could feel his manhood on my butt as he moves to reach my shoulders....

Nag-aalburoto na etits ko nun!

It was perfect at first, I was on top on him, riding...grinding him LOL! We shifted position, he was on my back, but then I felt uncomfortable, I needed to use the toilet! nyahaha! I'm having a bad stomach for about 3 days now! It felt awkward. Poor EDC.

I don't know why my body was like that, at times I wanna pee! I thought I'm about to come but its not, its literally pee! haha.

I told him its painful on my part already and I cannot continue. I never see a disappointment on him or was he just good on hiding it?

"You could wank if you want?" I told him

"No, come on...let's sleep...I know you're tired." he said instead.

"kalabitin mo nalang ako kapag nililibugan ka ulit..." he teased.

(if you feel horny, just let me know)

What's wrong with my ass LOL! I did some training prior to this, I prepared "him" for this moment! I shoved a pen, the next day I used the phone, then the TV remote, and recently I used the fire extinguisher!

But why it still hurts????! Maybe I should've trained with the fridge! LOL!

I fell asleep with his arms around me. I can feel his breathing. I slept with a contentment on my heart. All the worries and insecurities banished in thin air.

Until the sweating awakened me...

In the morning he was teasing me how my saliva drooled all over his arm!haha. I was hot as hell that moment and I moved on top of him and started licking him. This time I wanna do my favorite: KISKISAN. No penetration. Just two dicks together with lube till we cum. But we never did! hahaha.

Things just gets better and better for us! Damn! The lube is not actually a lube, its a lidocaine gel, used at the hospital with some chemicals to relieved pain.

We used it earlier since its my first time again after 7 months of no sex! So as we used it on our kiskisan, it creates a burning sensation on our penis!!!! I have to stop!

Ayun nag jakol nalang kaming dalawa! shit!

(we just wanked together)

We spent another day (Sunday) together till 4 pm and he walked me to the bus stop and waved goodbye. I went home with a big happy smile. It was a lovely feeling having my EDC around.

"Even if the sex part was bad, having you with my arms the whole night is much more important to me, because I love you Mac."

His last words.


Nimmy said...

awwwww. so sweet ni EDC. kilig!!!

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--haha oo nga e!thanks for visiting

soltero said...

oftentimes, just being together is much much better than the actual sex itself...i'm so happy for you. hala tumapak kna sa lupa muna hehe :)

(hihi makiliti pa rin ako, meaning di pa ako gamit na gamit bwahahha :P)

Mac Callister said...

@soltero--true,misan nga mas trip ko pa un halikan at hugging all night e.

ows?makiliti pa din?good yan!

~Carrie~ said...

i miss cuddling with the one i love...

Mac Callister said...

@carrie--sya,come here i'll hug u hehe

Darc Diarist said...

i'm so happy for you mac! and yep, tama nga, falling asleep in the arms of the one you love really does take away all the worries and insecurities.

nasabi ko na bang i'm so happy for you! hehe :)

paci said...

cuuuute!!! =)

parking ticket said...

haha.. couldn't hold my laughter when you said you used lidocaine gel..hehe.. it would make your JRs flaccid and numb.. hehe.. but what matters most was you loved being with one another, having great sex just comes as a bonus.. in due time it would come.. with the right timing, lots of practice and proper lube.. hahaha.. cheers!

livingstain said...

sarap naman, mc pasalubong

Virex said...

lol... natatawa ako.. naiimagine ko yung nangyayari sa inyo.. ehehe

Ming Meows said...

hahahah, disaster nga. pero k na yun no. at least you enjoyed each other.

lee said...

medyo mahalay pero ang sweet ng post na ito :)

it's always nice to snuggle, cuddle and hug :)

Mac Callister said...

@carrie--you'll find urs in time..

@darc--awww...salamat naman darc! i just bought a pair of ring as a gift for edc...

@livingstain--haha oo bah lika punta ka dito laguna!

@virex--oo nga its so awkward and funny at the same time!

Chronicler said...

That's nice Mac. You're really are in love with EDC. Mas importante pa sa iyo ang being together than just plain sex.

Lasherations said...

Haha! natawa ako dun! watta disaster nga! pero yeah di naman sa sex yun nami-measure ang love so yun, winner ka pa rin, ti!