August 17, 2013

Where Am I?!

I just got out from my service and waved goodbye to my colleague. I'm walking towards the lobby of my building where my flat is located on the 6th floor. I'm so tired due to so much workload on my night shift. I wanna sleep and eat as soon as I reach home, I said to myself. I pressed the number 6 on the elevator and took my keys out of my bag pocket.

I closed my eyes while the lift goes up, then I heard it opened. My flat is located beside the elevator on the left. Like I always do on my everyday life here, I went out and inserted my keys to the keyhole on my door. But this time, its different!

My keys don't work! door wont open. WTF?!

I tried the other one, maybe I put my room key instead of the main door key, but it still wont open!

I tried it again. Again. I'm starting to get annoyed! I inserted the other key once again with much pressure, maybe it just got stucked or something!
This time with some force!

Finally, it opened! 

But i got the surprise of my life when I entered the flat, it looks different! in fact, very different!

I closed my eyes and opened it again, I was like in another dimension. I thought.

But it really looks like not my...


My eyes was so wide in horror on the realization


Its really not my flat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I immediately checked the number on the door and it says: number 29!
Oh Lord! What have I done?!

I immediately closed the door and prayed that the owner wont catch me forcefully opened their door!huhu. 
When I turned my back to go to the lift again, I saw one Filipino outside waiting at the elevator too. I dont know if He saw what I did! 
Que Horror!
Deadma nalang!hahaha. 
Potah, na sa 4th floor lang pala ako!

What was I thinking! I'm so stupid not to check the number at the door first! But why the door opened if its not my flat? Oh shit, maybe I broke their door???! *ngiwi*
whoever lives there I'm sorry haha!

This is a repost story last October 21,2009. Naalala ko lang when i passed by that door 29 again hehe thats why I shared it again to you guys :-)


Geosef Garcia said...

Dapat nag-iwan ka na lang ng pang-repair dun sa ilalim ng door. *hehe* ingat next time ha. Buti di ka nahuli. Malaking gulo yun. :P baka nabugbog ka pa kung nagkataon. :(

MEcoy said...

oks lang yan lahat tayo may lutang moment, pero lam mo na pwede mong sideline ahh! hahaha piz


Baka na cctv ka girl hala ka!

kalansaycollector said...

LOL!!!! intense.

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...

amputik.,, teka teka anu yun parepareho ang mga susi sa building na yan? kasi paano mo na buksan eh di mo naman flat yun? ang weird lang di ba?

bagotilyo said...

hala ka!

kita kasa CCTV :p

Simon said...

OMG This just too funny! Buti nalang nobody reprimanded you or something