June 30, 2012

Loving A Lady Boy

I saw this documentary about Thailand's popular Lady Boys. They are gay men who underwent surgery to have breast and other procedures to look like a female. Most of them works as a prostitute to earn money for their poor families. Somehow similar to our situation back home. But damn, this particular video I'm sharing is cute and romantic in their own way.

Lady boys finding the man of their dreams. Their love. Watch it.

(Note: Double-click while playing to enlarge the screen)

Nice! I love Paeng and Scott's story! Kinilig ako ng slight! hehehe


charles. said...

Hey natuwa ako! I have this transgender professor and nabanggit niya yan sa class namin yesterday. Pero hindi pa naman daw niya napapanood. Haha

aboutambot said...

Nakakatuwa at nakaka-inspire. Naniniwala akong may nakalaan at katapat na magmamahal sa isang tao.

ZaiZai said...

ang cute naman :) very lucky for both of them to find each other:)

Mac Callister said...

charles--haha sakto naman a

@aboutambot--truelali at sana dumating na un para sa atin hehehe

@zai-- haha oo nakakatuwa sina scott noh kakaloka