August 14, 2011

Shut The Door

Its my first time to be assigned on that ICU...again...been to the other area for about four months now. I'm kinda excited to be back. Maybe because my friend Aimee told me this:

"He's asking about you Mac...he's asking what is your schedule or which area are you assigned".

She is referring to RJ.

Kinilig naman ako!!!

But whenever we bumped into each other at the hospital lobby or whenever he sees me online, he don't say much. just plain hi and hello. Pakipot? chos!

Of course he knows that I like him. I made him aware of that a long time ago haha :-)

After we tried to resuscitate the patient who had a cardiac arrest and expired eventually, I heard RJ calling me:

"mac...come here...don't go yet"

"just hold on, I'll finish this first".

I smiled when I turned back. Now you're talkin hihihi.

I was checkin some supplies on the store room when the door was him. I saw relief on his face when he saw me...

"yeah? why you're here?" I asked

"I thought you went to your unit downstairs already.." he said. He look ashamed. He wasn't able to deny the obvious. Buking kasi na hinahanap nya ko! hehehe

"anything you want?" shit. Wrong question!

"nothing..." he turned around and go.

I was in a hurry to finish all my work that time. I'm thankful that the icu was not in full house that night shift.

Pag natapos ako humanda ka RJ...mata mo lang ang di ko madidilaan! chos!

"Mac. Are you done? come here, lets chat" he called me again. He was alone inside the patient's room. The other nurses are busy somewhere helping with their colleagues.

"What can I do for you?" i kid when I entered the room.

"just stay here a bit. I'm bored." he said

"what do you want us to do?" and I smiled naughtily

"sira ulo!" he reacted

I walked closer at his table. He said "shut the door"

"what? oh no...if you want we could do it behind the curtains too..." and I laughed.

I swear I'm loving every reaction I get on his face whenever I tease him. He is shy and reserved. He's the kind of guy i usually get attracted to. You know, the obvious gay guy who's just trying to hide it. Gusto ko yun! Mga malalamya! LOL

And I love the way he modulates his voice. lalakeng lalake. Kunyari malagong. Pero I'm sure pagkatinis-tinis nun kapag may ipis! chos!!!

I sat beside his chair and continued on talkin with him. I asked about his "imaginary" girlfriend too haha. He's always so defensive whenever I talked about her.

Di na siya nakatiis...He stood and shut the door himself. When i asked why. He just said he don't like his nurse in charge to see us just goofing around while looking after the patient.

"Next week we'll start our duty at the newly opened Heart Hospital...Im excited!" I said

"oh, you're part of that hospital? from then on you'll have all your duties there and not coming back here?" he asked.

"yeah. I guess".

"really..?" I noticed the sadness and disappointment on his voice. Taena. I swear I saw it. He's not happy at all that I'll be transferring.

I pretend that i noticed nothing. Its enough for me. I guess.

"I want to live out... (to rent a new place of his own out of the accommodation provided by the hospital management)" he added.

"Me too. If you want we could live together in one house and one room..." there I go again! i don't know what came to me and I always ended up teasing him.

"gagu..." and he laughed.

"why not! I could massage you every night and on and on..."

"no, thanks! i don't wanna be raped!"

And we both laughed.

When we run out of topic to talk about. I moved closer to his chair.

"Your hair is long na...why you're not having a haircut yet?" and I moved my hand on his hair and touched it...

He just stayed still and watched me touch his hair. I was looking at his cute face. At that moment..we were so close... I wanna kiss him...and wonder if he would allow me to...But, nah. I don't wanna rush him. Until I'm sure that he likes me. Dapat sigurado ka muna da vah!

He kinda reminds me of Coco Martin. Not totally kamukhang kamukha ha. A short version of that actor. That's why our code for him is COCO hehehe.

I've spent 45 minutes just talkin at him. Para akong hindi naka duty ha! haha. I finally said goodbye at him when I received a bleep message from my colleague asking where I am.


I answered the bleep and called back and said:

"baket ba???

"busy ka ba? bakit di ka pa nababa?'

"oo busy ako makipag harutan! istorbo kayo! LOL"

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Leo said...

si RJ na kaya ang nakalaan para sa yo Mac? ang sweet ng story na ito... kakakilig. bakit kapag ikaw nagkkwento mac, di ako nabobore basahin? :)

Mac Callister said...

@leo--e kasi mare, friend kita kaya wala ka choice kundi ang matuwa sa bawat posts ko! LOL!

hay naku, leo magulo pag iisip nitong si RJ, di ko siya minsan ma-read! pero nun gabing to... read na read ko siya! hahhaa

Nate said...

NKKLK!! hahaha! :P -- "And I love the way he modulates his voice. lalakeng lalake. Kunyari malagong. Pero I'm sure pagkatinis-tinis nun kapag may ipis! chos!!!"

kinilig ako.. hihihihi..

xallthethird said...

Pursue living together, malay mo... hehe

Sean said...

sa harutan nag-uumpisa ang lahat hehehe.

ELAY said...

inggit much x_x

Mac Callister said...

@nate--hahaha salamat po. maski ako natatawa dun sa idea na ano kaya hagisan ko siya ng ipis!

@xall-xall---hahaha ay! mali xall the third lang pala! hmmm...cge pilitin ko pa siya! chos

@sean--naku kapatid. puro harutan na nga lang ginagawa ko buong taon pero zero pa din lablayp ko! LOL

@elay--naku wag just another person looking for love...that I never get kahit anung hanap ko! chos!

ZaiZai said...

kilig kiligan :) excited ka siguro pumasok no? :)

lonewolf said...

feeling ko may gusto din siya sa yo. kasi nagpapakipot like you said. and ang tao na may gusto sa isang tao eh talagang mahiyain hehehe.lalo na kung di ka niya matingan straight to the eye

Anonymous said...

Wow, may lovelife na sha! ahehehehe

Mr. Brightside said...

A story that is worth looking forward to.. good luck :D

Anonymous said...

hahah harassment ba tawag dun.. haha joke lang...

Nimmy said...

feel na feel ko ang kilig mo sissy!!! :D