June 13, 2011

Till I Met You

He was smiling when he's approaching me...I smiled back. It was 2 in the afternoon at gateway mall.

"Hi!" the first word I uttered and followed by..."could you button up your shirt!" LOL!

He was wearing a checkered polo and the three buttons are open exposing a large portion of his chest and its bothering me! (kasi naglalaway ako?chos!!!) kaya naman di ko napigil sarili ko!

I teased him that he looked like a gigolo!

"nabukas kasi, and medyo masikip( the buttons are opening unintentionally)...that's why I kept it open nalang..." he explained.

"I thought you'll be wearing a polo! Im right!" its a good thing, I didn't wear my fave shorts today hihihi. I just assumed he'll be wearing something decent, so I picked a little more formal top.

It was our first date. Mark and I have been chatting online for a long time. He reads my blog...leaving some comments...teasing me, that I should choose him instead blah blah...in other words, he got my attention hahaha!

He used to have a blog too, but he shut it down recently, I don't wanna think that I'm the reason behind that! hahaha!

I love his writings. Some of his posts are dedicated to me and it made me smile whenever I come to visit his site. Honestly, kinilig ako. I just hoped i made a copy and saved it on my file earlier, but its too late he said he deleted his blog already. Arte-arte nya kasi! charrr!

Anywayz, I'm just glad that finally, after all what happened, we are here face to face. Talking and goofing around at Burgoo restaurant. Actually we are having a real great time together. I was surprised. I was expecting something else due to our age gap and status! And I lost count to the number of times we fought online!

Para kasi siyang bato...manhid!charrr!

One time I had to remind him to be quiet because he was laughing too loud and people are looking at us!

All of our issues are being addressed at. As usual, I'm the one to blame. Me being impulsive! Sorry naman! But I gotta say, he's got some part on it too noh! Its not all me! Aminin mo Mark!

"So where shall we go after this?" he asked.

"I don't know. What do you want to do next?" deep inside, I was happy knowing he still want us to spend more time. I thought after lunch, that's it. Bye bye time.

"You decide. You invited me out. uhmm, i remembered you said you wanna see a movie..." he replied

"Ah yeah, but I don't know if they have a good one this week, I already saw x-men and kung fu panda last week eh"

I excused my self and went to the rest room. To freshen up first before headin out. When I came back and about to call the waiter for our bill he said:

"Its all taken care of"

"huh?! why did you do that? this is my treat ano ka ba naman?" I protested. Baka isipin nya sinadya ko mag CR talaga ng matagal hahaha! andami ko kasi tinga sa bakal ng ngipin ko kaya matagal swear!LOL

We saw the movie Super 8 and this time I'm paying! Di na siya kumontra. I was thinking of him holding my hands inside the cold and dark cinema! chos!

Wholesome kami. Walang ganun :-)

The movie was just so-so...not as good as x-men, but its OK. It has some scary scenes that almost made me scream, but thank God, I didn't! or else it would be embarrassing!

It was still early when we finished the movie. We decided to go to Shangri-La Plaza Mall at ortigas to have dinner.

"Naks. Makakasakay din ako ng car mo! yes!" I was teasing him. Parang ayaw nya ako isakay dati e! LOL

It took us a long time to find a parking space! Grabe kakahilo!Mas lalo pa ko nahilo sa dami ng cute na pagala gala sa Mall!

"o ang mga mata mo..." he catched me taking a glimpsed at a cute guy who passed by.

This time we dined in at Secret Recipe restaurant. Here we talked about families and some other things. He is a good listener. I talked a lot OMG!

"sabi naman sayo, di ako madaldal di ba..pangiti-ngiti lang ako..." i remembered him saying that on one of our chats months ago.

"Till when ka nga dito sa pinas?"

"Till july 6..I still have plenty of time" I smiled.

"Are you sure its Ok for you to travel safely at this time, its late? Why don't you check in at a nearby hotel?" He asked.

"if you're going to check in with me, why not! chosss! Of course i didn't say that! baka maeskadalo lolo nyo haha!

He drove me to the terminal where I will take a Van back to Laguna after our dinner.

No good bye kiss...hihihi. Just plain: Thanks and I had a great time....

"weh, Di nga?" he answered

"its true. I enjoyed your company". I assured him. He thought I'm just sugar-coating it.

"Ok. text me when you get home. Take care Mac".

It was sweet of him to park nearby while I'm looking for the right line. He's a real gentleman. When he saw that I'm OK. He opened his window and waved his final good bye.

I waved back... and i whispered in my mind:

"thanks doctor Mark... sana may next time pa..."


JJRod'z said...

that was cute... hehehe...

the green breaker said...

sweet haha. :D

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Ay, may nadi-develop! Hihihi. :)

Desperate Houseboy said...

aha, ito pala ang sinasabing date mo. well, it turns out well naman di ba? happy for you sissy. lol

Ming Meows said...


Mr. G said...


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

this is so arte!!! LOL...

ikaw na ang nanghiram ng buhok kay rapunzel!!!

orally said...

Ay gandara parkssss!

Mac Callister said...

@JJrod--hey thanks!Welcome to my blog, is it your first time here?

@green breaker--salamat :-)

@ms.chuni--hahaha ewan ko...kunyari?charrr!

@Dhouseboy--hoy kelan tayo meet?haha

@ming--thanks ming!musta ka na?

@Mr.G--di naman masyado~!

@ceiboh--hehehe sosoli ko din bukas!

Mac Callister said...

@orally--pagbigyan mo na ko haha

@Emil1013 said...

hhaaay, kaya pala nawawala k sa YM lately, and that's the reason ... I thought you had it off already..anyhouse, good that it is developing into something you would really expect - wholesome relationship ... I'm happy to read your blog ... **it's me-Emil**

ZaiZai said...

sweet naman ng date! ang wholesome ha! hehe :)

Thecuree said...

when you always tell your kalandian, este! mga kilig moments mo pala sa mga crushes at soon to be lover it always made me smile, aaminin ko lagi akong kinikilig sa mga love story mo kahit paulit-ulit..lol, ewan ko ba, cguro hopeless romantic lang ako kaya ang blog mo nalang ang pinag ti-tripan ko. paano na ang crush mo dito sa Qatar? hehehehe

^travis said...

Sweet! I smell romance...

Anonymous said...

hahahha... dating... hahahha

Mac Callister said...

@emil--haha sorry di na tayo masyado nakaka chat!busy lolo mo! and thanks :-)

@zaizai--hayaan mo hahalay din yan soon!LOL

@the cure--haha paulit ulit na ba?andami nang lalakeng dumaan?di naman masyado,konti palang!LOL and yeah,salamat din at napapangiti mo ko sa mga comment mo! sana mag meet tayo jan sa doha soon!

@travis--maybe..,or maybe not!haha

@kiko--ako kelan mo date?chossss!

ibañez said...

ganda mo!!!!!ahahah dang sweet sweet naman ahaha

citybuoy said...

ang cute naman! sino kaya itong blogger na ito! haha*backread*