February 23, 2011


Tomorrow is my flight going to London, ( Feb 24) I am excited and nervous at the same time. I'm trying my best not to show any doubt on my capacity as a professional heath care provider, for my superiors will lose their confidence on me. I know I can do it. Its just that it is my first time and I know this is normal.

I will be escorting a pre-termed baby for a procedure to be done at a children hospital in central London. I will be traveling with one doctor and one nurse (ate eliza, which made me so happy because its much better goin with your fellow kabayan, mas masaya). It is my first trip to UK.

There's a reason for my anxiety. Too many things might happen when you're up there in the sky. Patient might deteriorate or worst, die. Its a bad record! or baka di ako bayaran LOL

And preparing your papers are stressful too, I also have to prepare all of my equipments and other stuffs. These things are not easy. Andami gagawin at papipirmahan! Grrrrrr!

Nakaka-toxic taena!

Pero ang pinaka nakaka-toxic ever e ang mag isip ng outfit sa 13 and below degrees na weather!

Thank God that I managed to do all of that, I hoped so! Wala na sana ako nakalimutan!

We will be staying in London for 4 days, all expense paid by our hospital by the way, well, actually its for 3 days only, because on the first day of arrival we would bring the patient first to the children hospital and do the proper endorsement and etc., then our service will bring us to our hotel, and Im planning to sleep first! LOL

On the second day, and the next and the next blah-blah-ba-blah we would be exploring the whole of London! yes!!! Shopping! pork! parks! castles! and....men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! sana magkasya pocket money ko! So any of my reader in London would like to give me a tour? I might get lost there hahaha! It would be very much appreciated.

See you there!


Anonymous said...

Ingat..w aehhehe

Louie said...

Ingat Mac! Dala ka ng mga 10 na jackets, pagpatong-patungin mo na alng. Wahehehe!

Pasalubong namin ah?! Lol. :D

c - e - i - b - o - h said...


london boy said...

have fun!

dont forget to go to Heaven or G-A-Y! search mo na lang sa internet kung ano yun.

oh, and watch a west end musical, suggestion ko "priscilla, queen of the desert". daming hot guys!

Sean said...

nood ka ng show sa west end. good luck sa paghahanap ng british guys. baka andiyan na si prince charming.

Ming Meows said...


Anonymous said...

God bless the little baby. and good luck to you. wag kabugin si kate. =)

Virex said...

aba naman.. hanggang london aabot ang ganda mo!! hehe.. goodluck and ingat sa london!

ibañez said...

bongga!!!!!ahahah naku ingat po sa London sabi nung friend ko masyado daw friendly mga tao dyan . . .ahaha