December 13, 2011

Party-Party:OFW Style!

Last friday night, we held our much awaited department's Christmas party at our senior staff's house Kuya Ricky. My friends and I are the one who made it happen. Ofcourse with help of those willing.

We should wear something with a touch of red and I wore black and white! LOL

Pasaway lang!

Anghirap kaya mamili ng masusuot! Every girl's nightmare! charot!

My sister keeps on telling me wear something different naman daw, kasi I'm a casual jeans and shirt guy. I'm not really the poloshirts and the slacks type. But I will try just to satisfy her sometime!

The food was courtesy of our new staffs who were the new victims of our long time traditions: PAGPAPAKILALA. Meaning, they would take care of the foods this year!hahaha. Two years ago was our turn and its too damn stressful preparing the party food for almost 5o people! Buti nalang tapos na kami!

Kudos to those new staffs because the foods were all great! Dami namin nakain!

My friends collected 300 riyals (about 3,500 pesos) each person and bought 2 dell tablet pc's, 2 ipod touch, 2 blackberry curve phones, 2 digital cameras, 7 colorful timex wristwatches, 2 mp3 players, and other consolation prizes (alarm clock! chaka!LOL) for the grand raffle!

It was a crazy raffle when people get to win the major prices! everyone was screaming and excited!

I was the one in-charged of the games after the dinner and f*ck! the first game was lame! LOL hindi bumenta! kakainis kasi mali execution nun 2 hosts! I prepared 5 games but decided to only put up 3, they said its too naught and kids were present that night. KJ lang di ba! haha saya pa naman sana nun mga pinerepare ko! Hmp!

The second game was a success! Yun hawakan ng talong kapag the music stops. Everyone enjoyed it together with its naughty-ness!

Everyone was dancing in the center while a singing champion sang a disco piece! We dimmed the lights and there was even a rotating party ball lights inside! This is how we party in the middle east!hahaha!

It was a night to remember for all of us! a night of get together with colleagues on different branches. A night full of laughters and how are you's.

Especially me, because we used to be on one same hospital till 10 of us transferred to the newly open Cardiac Hospital under the same company of course. I have missed everyone. Kulitan. Kantiyawan. Lalo na yun bastusan! LOL. But don't get me wrong I love our new hospital its just that sometimes you can't seem to avoid missing your colleagues, right?

We also had our exchange gifts, syemps, mawawala ba naman sa x-mass party yun di ba! My monito gave me a Givenchy perfume :-) I love it!

The most fun of all was the picture taking at the vanity wall on one corner that I've made. We pinoys love being photographed! grabe! Parang sakit na toh a! Toink! Its fun posing for those friends who brought their DSLR cam with them, feeling paparazzi lang hehe strike a pose! click here and click there and everywhere! chos!

After four hours the party was over. But not for me and my friends, we headed to a popular club here in the city and dance the night away for another 3 hours! Nagwawala ako grabe! lalo na to the beat of SUPERBASS! taas lang ng energy! LOL

Thanks to the tall glasses of liquors I ordered! I love bullfrog ever! lakas tama! libre pa because it was my friends birthday the other day o davah! hehehe. Sarap gumimik!

Anywayz, thats all for now. I'm looking forward for my 3rd Christmas celebration here in the middle east. Malapit na! yey!


Laughing Cow said...

Wow. Saya naman. Big time sa raffle ah hehe. Looking forward to our Christmas party too. Kaso parang di na siya ganun magiging kasaya. >.<

ZaiZai said...

hehe pasaway ka di ka nag red! pero at least nag stand out ka :) advance merry christmas mac! :)

Brian said...

Nice! Maganda yung big prizes ng raffle ☺ kaso ever since di ako swerte sa mga ganyan bwahahahahaha

Merry Christmas Mac! ☺

Mac Callister said...

@laughingcow--haha masakit din sa bulsa ang contribution e pero keribels na masaya naman!at sana masaya din ang party nyo:-)

@zai--haha mahilig kasi at sa black haha e sayang pag bimili pa so yun!merry xmass din!

@brian--ako din! as in malas sa mga bunutan!hahaha

Chronicler said...

Mac, I wonder kung anong club kayo nagpunta after your party. A famous club DJ here in the US was there at Doha having a gig in one of the clubs there. I just dont know the club's name. The DJ's name is Deadmou5. He is a resident DJ here in Las Vegas until next year. Anyways, it was a nice party based on ur pictures on ur FB. Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your German hotdog while you're in there hehehehe...