October 24, 2011


Long time ago, lets say about hmmm, year 2005...there was a slutty-all-the-time-horny-gay-guy around the province of Laguna who pick up guys over the internet. He get to hook up with different guys every week and take them to a nearest motel room. Its like a sexual revolution. A hunger.

That quest for the ultimate pleasure last for more than a year before he actually realized...he needs a good man to love him.

And that guy was ME.

That's the time when I was just discovering who I am. Fresh from admitting to myself, that the charade, and the pretending I'm a straight-guy drama have to stop. It was liberating indeed. Finally admitting and accepting who you are. Believe me. Denying who you are...very stressful.

Going back to what I'm saying. Back in 2005, I was like insatiable. Sex was driving me crazy that I need to get laid all the time! Kahit sino na lang. SEB dito- SEB doon.

I am a changed man now. Pagka-tino-tino ko ngayon. Pagka-hinhin ko na now. Charot!

Henywayz, I met this guy named Vincent. He's also from Laguna. He's tall and moreno looking. Medyo nabaduyan ako sa get up niya. Parang poorita sabi ko. Bad!!!

Pero keribels na. Mas mahalaga e he knows how to suck my dick. And he's as horny as I am. That's what matters then.

I like tall and lean guys...I always imagine them to have big dicks. Ewan ko ba! and I was right about him. When he stripped down his pants, leaving his body with just his white briefs...I almost gasps as soon as the outline of his manhood became visible. I swear, its big. Like 8 inches long!

The biggest so far from all the guys that I bed with. Balbon din siya. Hairs from his chest goes down to his sexy navel and ends inside his underwear. Para akong dinidemonyo sa libog nun sa pag iimagine kung ano itsura nun loob ng brief. I love hairy guys...Mas mab*lb0l mas trip ko! Haroooot! LOL

The kiss was a turn off...his breath was awful. It was really bad. I wanna back out but its too late. Whenever he tried to kiss me, I swear, I was like dying. I don't wanna offend him that's why I just pretend that I'm a bad kisser so that he could stop kissing me na!

His lips went down to my throat, to my neck and I almost screamed with pleasures when he sucked my earlobes...In my mind, di bale, I'll just get a very good shower after this and get rid of his saliva!

Oh, wag kayo maduwal! LOL

He sucked my d*ck pretty good. I moaned and was arching my body with every sucked he did through my balls...

His hard and long d*ck feels really good on my hands...warm. Thick. I was amazed actually. I don't know how to put it all inside my mouth! chos!

I tried though.

After two hours we're both running out of breath and rest for a bit and I immediately took a shower and get dressed. Just said a short thank you and headed out of the door. I didn't make any effort to contact him again.

Its just sex anyway. I'm gonna get a new guy next time I thought.

Days passed by and I was goin on with my usual routine when I noticed something. I was feverish. Irritable. And the itching started.

Inside my genitals...

At first, I ignored it. Thought its nothing. Guys scratch their balls right?LOL. But as days goes on it became worst. The itchiness inside my genitals wont stop. It felt like something was there.

I also noticed some brownish dots and stains on my underwear. Lots and lots of them. Kala ko libag! Nandiri pa nga ko sa sarili ko sabi ko ang tubal ko naman! LOL

When I was scratching down there again...my fingers came across and touched something...something rough. Like a dead cells. I pulled it out...

I checked it out...examined what am holding...and to my surprised!

It has legs and looked like a small crab! and Its jumping too!

Until I realized what it was!!!

I have crabs!!!


Pubic lice! Its STD!!!

and those small dots are their eggs! kadiri! my pubes are their breeding ground!

Taena! Napamura talaga ako nun ma-realized ko kung ano yun at pano ako nagkaroon nun! I felt shame. I felt bad. Didn't know what to do. I was scared. I don't have any idea how to get rid of those things inside my pubic hairs! Lago-lago pa naman dun! LOL

Good thing about working at the hospital is you have access to its services. I have friends on every department. Specially resident doctors. I discreetly approached doctor Mike at the ER back then.

Minura nya ko nun matapos ko sabihin sa knya problema ko. He advised and referred me to a specialist. I refused. Nahihiya ako e. I asked him to give me anything.

He prescribed me a medicated shampoo that I could buy at any mercury branches. Its for head lice he said. He said that I should try it first and if it fails I have no other choice but to go to a specialist to have it treated. It costs me 500 pesos at the time.

Natawa pa nga ako nun binibili ko yun, kasi nakatingin sakin ng weird yun attendant sa mercury kasi skinhead ang buhok ko and yet nabili ako ng shampoo for kuto! haha.

As soon as I got the shampoo. I locked myself inside the bathroom and sat on the bowl and poured water on my pubic hairs and wore a condom on my penis and plastered it with a micropore to protect its head from getting irritations from the strong chemicals that I'm about to use. #takot!

I poured the shampoo on it and prayed it'll work. The instructions said let it stick there for about 15 minutes before I rinse it water.

And thank GOD!!! After 3 days of treating it, the irritations, the itching...and the eggs goes away. Minura ko si Vincent thru text for giving me STD! Fuck him.

After that...I slowed down on having sex every week. Ginawa ko nalang twice a month! LOL


Raymond said...

Nakakafreakout naman yan.. di ba pedeng parang kuto lang na alisin silang lahat?haha :P

bien said...

This is so funny and so honest Mac. Grabe ka.

Mac Callister said...

@raymond--naku madami sila at mabilis gumalaw!haha kadiri talaga!buti gumaling agad :-)

@bien--haha too much information right?! pero lesson learned talaga, buti un lang ang klase ng STD na nakuha ko nun...kaya doble ingat talaga :-)

Drama King said...

Nakakatakot din talaga STD! Ang importante naman, you learned your lesson. Huwag na lang ulitin. :)

Jpy Dee said...

ewwwwwww. hahahaha. kuto. dapat nilagyan mo ng slab of meat ang part na meron. ganun yung ginawa ng isang beterang aktres nung nagkaroon sya ng kuto down there. LOL

lonewolf said...

ewan ko kung totoo eto. sabi nila kung may crabs try daw maglagay ng hilaw na karne tapos lilipat daw ang crabs dun.

citybuoy said...

omg buti nalang nawala! haha

the good thing about reading blogs is if this situation ever presents itself to me, alam ko na gagawin ko. pero my gawd, sana never mangyari! hahaha

Brian said...

Freaky!!! Pagshinave mo ba yung pubes mo that time mawawala rin sila?

Sarap i-untog sa pader nung nagbigay nyan sa'yo...

juan said...

buti at pubic lice lang... hindi garapata... hhehehe

c - e - i - b - o - h said...


from kakatihan mong taglay e nangati ka n ng bongga!!!

egG. said...

ayyy grabe... nakakatakottttt.. jusko......

mas maigi pang maabstinence na lang... katakot ha...

a lesson learned for all gays out there na active sa sex.. ehheehehe... kakatakot....

mas maigi pang manuod na lang ng porn at magmariang palad lolz

Herbs D. said...

hanglandee mo kasi eh. well, at least we know what to do next time that happens ;p

rudeboy said...

@ Mac : Oh, you medical types always have to prescribe something, don't you?

From what I've read, there is a cheap and simple remedy to get rid of a crab infestation, involving the following three simple tools: a razor, a match, and an icepick.

Step 1: Using the razor, shave your pubes neatly in a vertical direction.

Step 2 : Ignite the remaining half of your pubes with the match.

Step 3: As the crab lice run out on their wee little feet, stab them with the icepick.

Step 4 ????

Step 5 : PROFIT!!!!1!!

Mac Callister said...

@dramaking-oo nga!kaso the problem with STD's hindi mo alam sino meron until my symptoms ka na!yikes

@jepoy--sabi nga nila...kso ayaw ko nandiri ako!hahaha

@lonewolf--pwde nga daw un ewan ko lang kugn effective nga..

@citybuoy--haha hindi na yan kasi hindi ka naman promiscuos e!kaya better to have only one sex partner :-)

@brian--hindi siya mawawala kahit i-shave mo baka nga daw poumunta pa sa hair mo at sa underarms and legs ganun...

@juan--hahaha sira ulo!

@ceiboh--sinabi mo pa sis!haha

@egG--haha kaya wag maging malandi!

@herbs--yeah thats why i posted this entry kahit na ang sagwa ng nangyari sa kin hehehe,well anyway, nasa past na naman un :-)

Anonymous said...

di din ako pwedeng magsabi na yan kasi napapala ng mga horny.. hehehe... pero nasabi ko na hahaha... buti nalang at nawala.. hahaha

-mark- said...

awwww, parang ako ang natakot habang binabasa ito.wahaha... Hindi ko alam ang mga bagay na iyan, virgin pa me LOLS... pero good thing naagapan mo, mabaho na nga hininga niya manghahawa pa siya ng kuto sa bulbol, funny but kapupulutan ng aral.. :)

daniel the jagged little egg said...

Very happy to hear that u are a changed man...Hindi ko pa kayang mag-out ngayon maybe my time will come : )

Salut to u : )

Edj said...

Scary! Ugh, well at least the lesson's learned. Let us all be careful now. 8D

Ming Meows said...


Anonymous said...

no need for medicated shampoo or a slab of meat. dapat sinuyod mo na lang! hahaha! peace.